Friday, January 11, 2008

About Us

Look Pretty. Run Nasty. was originally created for the three of us to keep connected and share our pain/joy/elation/struggles while training for our second marathon. Erin had recently moved, Lori had just had a baby and was struggling with post-part em depression, and Amanda was running through the joy and fear of a possible adoption. This blog was a perfect place for us to connect with one another and help each other through exercise, it truly became our therapy. All three of us have had great experiences with exercise, eating healthy, and leaning on one another for support.

Amanda and Lori have been friends for almost 10 years and when Erin came along about 4 years ago; Erin and Amanda lived in the same neighborhood. Amanda invited her to workout with her and Lori one morning and their lives have never been the same (in a good way!), it was like Erin had always been there. The three of us have been the ups and downs, the silliness and the sadness. At the end of the day, that's what exercise and friends are all about. Finding others that have the same drive to make their life better through living healthy only strengthens you and .. .. really? It makes you happy!

Since our marathon in May things have changed quite a bit. Erin is pregnant with her first child, Amanda added a beautiful boy to her family, and Lori has become happy again. We're all still very active and working hard, but we no longer have one singular goal.
  • Erin is focused on staying healthy with her pregnancy, she'll be writing at least every Wednesday.
  • Lori is focused on losing weight and finishing her first triathlon, she'll be posting every at least Monday.
  • Amanda is focused on speed, trying to get her half marathon PR down to 1:45, she'll be posting at least every Friday.
We hope you can join us in our journeys. We've been inspired by our readers and friends we've me through this blog and hope to meet even more new and amazing people!

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