Thursday, January 3, 2008

Meet Amanda

Hi. I'm Amanda. My friends call me Manda, but know better thank to ever even consider calling me Mandy. I have nothing against the name. I'm just not a Mandy. Tee hee. Now that that's cleared up, let's move on. I live in Utah and love it here. I was married to the love of my life in August of 2002 and life has been an adventure ever since. After 4 years of marriage we found out that we would never be able to have children and entered the adoption world. In June of 2008 we were blessed to have a little angel of a boy join our family. He is our world, and we love, love, love him. He has brought more joy to our lives than we ever could imagine. As a family we enjoy traveling, movies, playing games, being active and being with family and friends.

I work as an RN in the public health field. It's interesting work and keeps me on my toes. Since becoming a mother I only work part-time, and get to mommy the rest of the time. When I find a spare minute, I love music, photography, anything orginizational, running and soccer, and starting 3 bizillion projects that I rarely finish. My husband is a financial advisor and a business consultant. He pretty much loves anything business. He also loves basketball and racquetball and actually introduced me to the joys of weightlifting. We are both very competitive people, and like to push each other to be and do better.

I've always been active in my life for the most part. I however NEVER liked running. Then I had some friends invite me to run a leg in a marathon relay and I asked my friend Lori how I should train for that. That is when my running life began, and somewhere along the line I got hooked. Since then I have run 2 full marathons, many half marathons, and numbers of various other races. I'm by no means super fast. I'm always in about the middle of the pack, but I really have grown to LOVE running. Through my training and races, I have learned that I don't love marathons, but I really, really love halfs. I have decided that instead of just running to get the miles in like I do when I'm training for marathons, that I'm going to start training to run a half-marathon in a time of 1:45. My current PR is 1:54 so I have some work to do to knock those minutes off. However, where my friends are leaving me to run on my own, I knew that I would have to set a goal that would be competitive with only myself to keep me getting up in the mornings to train. It will also force me to do speed training. Bleh. So as I train I'm going to be looking for better ways to train, and different workouts to do to help me reach me goal!

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