Friday, February 26, 2010

New Fun Thing

Hey all our faithful readers (you know, Carla and Megan).  Just wanted you to know that I'm going to be writing bi-weekly columns right here about running and exercise.  If you have any specific topic you want discussed or explored, let me know.  I'd love some topic ideas to get my writer brain going.

I'll leave a quick post here on Tres Amigas every time I post, there.  Or you can click on the "subscribe" button on my page and you can get my articles in your email.  The first (and currently, only) article is Atlanta-centric since it's my first column representing metro Atlanta.  They won't all be Atlanta-centric.

As far as ME: I'm finally getting back in my running groove again.  Ragnar training started last Monday and I'm doing alright. My legs are learning to hate me again, which is a good thing.  No pain no gain!  Tomorrow I tackle 5.5 miles on a very hilly course.  Wish me luck!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The First Annual

Wish you where here 10k
March 6th at 6am

Check out these BEAUTS

So between the two of you I think you're both a lot better at keeping up with the hip and new so you might already know about these BUT last night Ty says to me, "I have really been search for something great for you for Valentines Day and this is what I'm thinking...." To which I started laughing- I had no idea what to think. BUT their called the Vibram Five Fingers and apparently it makes running, like running bare foot. (Who would want to do that? was my first thought too) BUT now I'm thinking that might be kinda cool. Google them if you think I'm joking, watch videos on YouTube if you think I'm crazy!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Goal

Hey Ladies.

You know how we've been cutting out the refined sugar in our home for Miss J. Well, I've decided I just need to take that extra step and dispose of all the extra crap that is in our home.  I think I've focused too long on eating "healthy" that I've actually been eating worse.  Let me explain.

A lot of the famous chefs, or even people in my life who truly 100% LOVE food are thin, healthy, and seem to get the nutrients they need.  Why? Because they aren't completely focused on it! They love food and eat when they are hungry... most importantly? They MAKE their meals. 

My new attitude... to embrace the fact that I love food.  I'm gonna allow myself to enjoy it for once in my life without feeling guilty (yes, Erin, I'm hearing your lecture from the women's clinic in my head).  How does that coincide with my goal to lose weight and firm up?

Well, I'm not going to deprive myself.  If I want something sweet.  Awesome! Only rule: I have to make it. I figure within the 30-60min it takes me to make it if I am still craving it, then I deserve to it eat it.  If it's not worth making it, then I won't.  I'm not longer going to buy all the crap frozen dinners even IF they are on sale.  I'm going to make everything.  Yup. 

I'll be checking in on this here blog to let you know how it's going and if I stumble upon any amazing recipes you just have to try.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ladies lets run

Lets 10k it first! The Saturdays in March are 6,13,20,and 27- which one works best for the two of you? I can do any day but the 13th (Amanda you'll also be unavailable that day for an independent 10k because you and I will be trail running:) Want to join us Lor? I will be in Ogden the entire week 7th-14th (parents are cruising, and Dall needs a check in sista).
Next, we all need to think about a special path to run...umm. Then pick a time and of course document times, pictures and life lessons, you know all then things we normally would have shared together.

Input. Questions. Love ya!