Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I am doing it

I got out of bed this morning and went running
I did my crunches, and free weight lifting
I eat my veggies
I eat and enjoyed my fruit
I choose not to get a candy bar at the check out stand in Albertsons (one draw back to this fresh fruit and veggie thing is I now weekly have to stop at the grocery store).

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Mo is back in my Mojo (and my Motivation)

I am so excited to tell you about the Deseret News 10k!!! Not 'cause my time was amazing (according to the website I was in 1:01:03.... but that is what the timer said when I crossed... pretty sure (for reasons you'll find out soon) we were at least 3-5 minutes behind the beginning stopclock... but whateva 1:01 is a decent time and meant that I averaged a 9:50 mile...(which I know I ran faster than that for at least 3 of those miles... but whateva. :) but because I had such a great time!!

Wow.. tangent. Okay. I had convinced all my sisters-in-law, except one, to do the 10k with me. Kim had to bow out cause of her sick son, totally and 100% understandable. So, that left me, Jenn and Alli. Both are new to running and have been training on elliptical trainers. This was the first time running this far for either of them on road. They did AWESOME. Our morning started crazily. We were WAY ahead of schedule, we met at 5:30 about 5 minutes away from the start to drop a car at the finish line... well... 25 minutes later we were still LOOKING for the start line. We found it just about the time we heard the big MC guy say "2 minutes til start!" We still had to put on our BIBS, tie our shoes AND we had to truck it up the hill. Least to say we passed all the runners who had already started the race. Haha. We were officially... no joke... the VERY. LAST. PEOPLE. to cross the start line. Tee hee. That's a first for me. But, let me tell you what, being able to pass people the ENTIRE race? That is kinda fun... so maybe being farther back in the pack isn't such a bad thing. Tee hee. ( THAT's why I think our time is off... cause there were, what over 2,000 runners running the 10k? Yaaah.. come. on. it took more than 30 seconds for ALL 2,000 to cross the start line. Anyway, I digress..... )

I stayed with Alli for the first mile and a half and when she stopped to walk she encouraged me to keep running. I remember being that person (oh, wait, I'm ALWAYS that person with you two) that honestly wants the other person to keep running and do their best. So, although I felt GUILTY for the rest of the run, I left Alli around 1.5 and tried to book it the best I could. (reason #2 I think my time is off... I know the difference between feeling the 9 min/mil gives me and a 10 min/mil gives me...) The course ROCKED. Ladies, I forgot how much of it is DOWNHILL. I was freaking LOVIN the downhill...and since I started at the very back I was passing peeps left and right til about mile 5.5 when it started going back uphill again. Why, oh why do they make the LAST half mile of a 10k uphill? Seriously, people! I was so proud of myself. I only took walk breaks at the two water stations----90 degrees.. yes the water stops were GOD SENT---- and pushed it the rest of the way.

I finished the race feeling like I could keep going, which made me excited for the half marathon. Mainly cause I did these three things:
  • I figured out a mantra to help me not hit that "I can't do anymore" place no matter what the distance. I pushed the entire race and STILL felt good at the end. YESSSSS.
  • I didn't try to catch up or pass anyone specific, the minute I did I got discouraged and my mind told me I couldn't keep up with them. So, no more!

and the most important thing?

  • I had a freakin' BLAST.

I'm waaay excited for the half in two weeks! But, honestly, the one thought I had after the 10k was "Ooo get excited Lor, you get to run 20 MORE miles in Sept...." and then I started to cry. :) However, I am excited and motivated to do better with each race this summer. So fun!! I was SOOO proud of Jenn and Alli. They did the 10k and they did it well! I've talked Alli into running the TOU half with me.. I'm still working on Jenn. But, I promised them I'd go at whatever pace THEY wanted to go at ... I think that might be my ticket.... bringing one innocent non-runner over the dark side... one race at a time. (cue evil laugh)

Tomorrow is my 14 miler. Wish me luck! I'm all carbo'd up and mentally wrapping my mind around it. Amanda is meeting me 7 miles in, so I'm totally going to kick that last 7 miles. Awesome. I'm not sure if it's just taken the time, running alone or having Sue Ann kick my butt, but as Manda said last week "the Mo is back in your Mojo"... I hope it becomes infectious... we have some serious running to do!!! Can I get a WOO WOO

Monday, July 21, 2008

Fox Adventures, Part Two

Yes Erin, guess what I saw on my run this morning? A fox!!! I immediately thought of you.... he was bringing some love from Lehi to Ogden. :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Running Education

Since I have began running with the fine ladies of our new ward- I am realizing how much I actually know about speed training, eating right, training runs, stretching...ect. I realized I owe a huge thanks to the two of you for the Running education I have- because usually I am pretty chill about it all, but I guess your tid-bits have rubbed off, and have helped me become an educated runner. So each week I am going to try and find a running article I like and post it. RUNNING EDUCATION POST WILL BE COMING SOON

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My 5 mile 12 miler

Yup. I overslept this morning, of course, the one Saturday of the month Van has to be to work at 9am. Grrrr. So, as I rolled out of bed and looked at the clock (7:30am? GASP!) I quickly got dressed and tried VERY hard to not crawl back into bed and just abandon the run completely. I was glad that both Amanda and Sue Ann had bailed or else I would've totally screwed up their run. So, that's my first awesome point of the morning...

  • I still went running even though my run was shot. AND
  • I still went running even though no one would ever know that I did or did not go running. :)

I got out of the house and had no idea where I was going to run. I've become converted to the trails. I sat at the edge of my driveway convincing myself that it was almost 8 o'clock and the likelihood of something bad happening by myself on the trails was very slim. So, I trucked up the street to the trailhead. I wanted to prove to myself that I could run up the hills, keep running and really push myself even when I ran alone.... something I'd been struggling with this last year quite a bit... and guess what?

  • I ran up the ENTIRE trailhead
  • I didn't stop (except to lecture cyclists up by the bridge that bikes weren't allowed on this particular trail... see that "no bikes" sign? and those STAIRS you had to carry your bikes up? yaaaaaaaah)
  • I ran the entire "old trail" we used to run up, down, up and down again.

I was so excited about it I think I ran a little too fast. Haha. I was shot by the time I got back to 36th. But, then I realized I still had a little bit more time so I ran through the side trail and over through Weber State. It was a good run. I was a little frustrated that I didn't get the mileage in that I needed, but it was such a nice run. The other best part?

  • Something about being alone in the mountains causes me to pray.

I had a nice little convo with the big guy upstairs about everything in my life right now, in your cute lives right now, my family, pretty much anything and everything that matters to me. It was a nice release. I missed you guys, but I'm really grateful I had time to myself this morning. Sigh. How were YOUR Saturdays?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


...Word to the wise- when your exploring try to kind of know where you are- I have been brave the last several mornings and have been exploring neighbors...today however I got myself in a pickle and thought I could get back to where I wanted to be by cutting through a field. Once I made my way through the field I ended up in a new construction site and a road with a dead end. I gave up and finally back tracked my way out. THE FUNNY THING IS: here were some roofers, roofing at 6am and they had a front row seat and view of my stupidly.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Rekindled Romance

me and my running lovers started our affair again. shin splints, me, and icy hot.
(our celeb name? lorshincy. rather catchy i think.... :)
you can skip the lecture. i KNOW. new shoes.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saturday's RUN


As crazy as it sounds- our 8 1/2 mile run was the most relaxing part of my day! Lori and I started late due to me (surprise)! We set out with the goal of pretending Amanda was with us for speed and SueAnn for endurance... I am proud to report both Amanda and SueAnne would have been proud!! We totally "stuck to the sticking too" clear to the end...even took time for some exploring of the trails and picture taking.

Here is Lori in her thoughtful morning gaze over Ogden on our new found favorite trail... the funny thing is how the sun is rising it makes Lori look like there is light coming from the great ideas she is thinking of :)
And to prove we were both there...

Here is our exploring piece...any idea what this is or does?

Lori thank you for your sweet post and for a wonderful run...now that AMANDA has figured out she is a RUNNER and that she CAN"T go without it- maybe we can have one last LONG run before the end of the summer...maybe your 18 miler :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008


I had the most excellent run with you this morning. It was a PERFECT therapy session, for both of us! YAY for that! What a beautiful morning. Thanks for making the trip up here. Can't wait to come down and run with you in August!! Can't wait to see your pictures and commentary from our exploring adventures this morning.....


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's Happening.

I registered for the TOU Marathon this morning. Ready or not. Here I come.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

This is how I feel about Saturday's run...

you can skip to minute 1:10 for the exact wording... or just sit back for the first minute and enjoy.... :) (i couldn't get it to embed... so sorry you actually have to go to YouTube).

i love you ladies. it was sooooo awesome to be back together again. i miss you two so much. thanks for making the effort for the Tres Amigas Reunion, part uno.



I wanted to send a quick shout out about how much I loved Saturday''s run! SueAnne is wonderful...we are lucky to learn all we can from the wonderful trails of O-town. That was an amazing trail and I loved the fact we ran all the way to Ogden Canyon and it was great to be back with the two of you!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

ThiS mOrNInGs rUN

Thankyou to Lori's good morning call- I was able to wake up and clean my oven and go for a run all before work!! Here is a riddle for you what do a Fox and Jr. Football team and sprinting have in common...well let me tell you...running! Today I tried something new- I took Alli with me but let her off her leash, I would run until I was a ways ahead of her, and then sprint back to her. The funny Dog every time she would see me running towards her, she would sit down and wag her tail- then I would give her an encouraging pet and we would do the same thing all over again. I think it worked pretty well. I have stopped taking my IPOD running with me during the week-(since I am trying to have more "reverent" time in my life) While I was listening to the birds...and out of the field pops a FOX...he dashes through the road right in front of me- slides under the fence and runs through the following field! I have only seen a fox like that two or three times, and in third grade I wrote a report about Foxes on my Grandpa's Ranch..ever since then I have loved them :) After my exciting sprinting/fox run. I was stretching and this 13-14 year old boy ran by..I thought he is a trooper what 13 year olds do you know that run at 6:30 in the morning, by the time I was finished stretching another 6 or 7 boys ran by, the last few were wearing football shirts so I am put two and two together...and who ever thought there was nothing to do so early in the summer- as much as I hate the heat I love early morning summer runs. Thanks Lor for the good morning call...sorry it didn't work for you- but it works wonders for me!