Sunday, July 6, 2008

This is how I feel about Saturday's run...

you can skip to minute 1:10 for the exact wording... or just sit back for the first minute and enjoy.... :) (i couldn't get it to embed... so sorry you actually have to go to YouTube).

i love you ladies. it was sooooo awesome to be back together again. i miss you two so much. thanks for making the effort for the Tres Amigas Reunion, part uno.



Amanda said...

Niiiice. A little creepy, but sweet all at the same time. It was so good to be running together again! How did you find that video ps?

Amanda said...

P.P.S. I like the new music! I will have to get on and listen tomorrow!

Lori said...

i KNOW i've been working on it tonight. so far this is the music from the first four episodes.

i have no idea if they are explicit or not...tee hee... we'll have to listen to it thursday all the way through!! :)

the vid? i just typed in "reunited" and it's lyrics and that's the vid that popped up!