Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's Happening.

I registered for the TOU Marathon this morning. Ready or not. Here I come.



The Killer Bunch said...

Way to go! I think I've found your house. I ride my bike passed it all the time on my way to WSU gym.

Erin said...

YEAH!!! I am excited for you....You will do amazing what a cool thing to do

Lori said...

thanks friends. i'm nervous. something's on my to do list:

-buy new shoes
-get a new running mix
-get that uber cute new running outfit (a must for any marathon, right???)
-figure out how in the HECK i'm going to run 20 miles by MYSELF.

so far i've thought about having you two meeting me with 6-8 miles left in my 20 miler... that might be fun... hmmm... thoughts??

Jennfabulous said...

first of all lori, i love love love your song on your page... so awesome. but also, i am so proud of you for running. you are just an all around awesome person. also, your picture is HOT! hahaa, i think it would be funny if you wore a gown during your race... one of your checklist points is getting a cute outfit to run in. that would be awesome ha. much love... xo.