Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009 Here I Come

I hope everyone had an excellent holiday season, ate a lot, slept a lot, enjoyed their families, and got some good exercise time in.  I had a great break, ate waaay too much and my body is ready for some serious butt-whooping.  

2009 Goals
*Keep carbs at 195grams a day for my lovely diabetic diet
*Workout 5-6 times a week, with a double workout twice a week
*Stick to my training schedule no matter how gnarly it is.. 
no matter how much I want to kick it in the shins
*Stay positive, don't allow negative talk
*Blog at least twice a week...be accountable for my workouts and my weigh-ins
*Complete at least 3 half marathons, the Wasatch Back, and a sprint triathlon.

Tenative 2009 Race Calendar
February 7th - WRC 5k
February 21st - WRC 10k
March 14th - WRC 10 miler
April 4th -WRC Half Marathon
April 18th - Telos Triathlon
April 25th - WRC 30k (pending... umm not sure if i want to run 18 miles
 if I'm not training for a marathon)
May 16th - Ogden Half Marathon
June 20-21st - Wasatch Back Relay
The rest of the season: TBA 
(depending on when/where we move. *sniff sniff*)           

Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's a GIRL

We were able to find out last Thursday what we were having and decided to keep it a secret until Christmas to tell our families. Doctor says everything is great with her and me, so I guess I will keep doing what I am doing.... Doesn't this look like a runner's leg to you?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Year, New Goals, New Motivation

Look Pretty Run Nasty is going to take a couple week hiatus.  When we return we'll be back with full gusto.  It's a new year with new goals and new motivation to hit those goals.  

 The first week of January you'll get a nice post from each of us telling you our goals and our new awesome layout for 2009.   While on our short hiatus we have a few challenges.  We're doing these and we dare you to do the same:
  • Weigh yourself today.  Keep your weight the same for the next three weeks (that is, unless you're pregnant...).  The holiday is a KILLER in the weight department.  
  • Don't mindlessly graze at Christmas parties.  Think before you eat. 
  • Workout at least 4 times a week.  The week of Christmas find at least one day to do a double workout.  
  • Look back at 2008 and write 5 things that make you proud of your healthy and active lifestyle. Did you do anything you thought was impossible? Achieve a goal that was difficult?  Got out of bed when you didn't want to?  You worked hard, give yourself credit for it! 
  • The last week of December sit down and open up your planner, set up your potential racing schedule/workout schedule for 2009.  Make goals accordingly.  
Enjoy the rest of 2008!!
We wish you the best and hope you have a fantastic holiday season!!

Amanda, Lori, & Erin. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


And yet another week has come and gone. Sadly my ability to exercise pretty much becomes disappears the week before and of finals. No matter how well I think I prepare or how ready I feel, it seems there is just not a minute to spare. So the only exercising I have done is packing my book bag around campus (probably over two miles a day) and walking the dog...so I feel a little guilty posting about exercise this week. Therefore let me leave this meaningful message....
My favorite T.V series is Gilmore Girls, I watch the re-runs over and over again and still enjoy each and every minute. In case you are unfamiliar with the fabulous story line. Its about a Mother and daughter. In one episode Rory (the daughter) is leaving for her first "grown up" job as a reporter. As she is getting ready her mom, Lorelai. Is giving her a little lecture and says,

"Make sure when you are on the bus, you pick a good seat. People tend to be creatures of habit and which every seat you pick will probably be yours permanently. Get get a window seat, 1)because its better to be by the window, 2)because there is just so much to see, and if you don't get a window seat there is a good chance you will miss something. Oh and make sure to sit towards the back of the bus, the people that sit in the back of the bus are always so much more fun- I don't know why that is just the way it works."

And well I just think that is great advice- no matter who you are or what '"bus in life you are riding. Choose your seat well, it tends to be a habit. Always sit by the window, and towards the back of the bus.So this week throw exercising out the window and just focus on enjoying the ride....

Monday, December 8, 2008

So uhhhh...

Just as I'm starting to swing out of my blogging funk, I go and get sick. Bleh. At least I was sick while Lor was out of town so then I didn't have to feel guilty about skipping workouts. It all started Thursday morning. I woke up with tummy troubles and wondered if I was sick or just stressed out. I had a soccer game Thursday night and was determined to play, but at the last second the game got canceled...thank heavens. By that point I was sick and achey all over. I had managed to eat a bowl of cereal and some crackers because I knew my body would need something to get through soccer on. The next day was more of the same but the aches had left and I was able to eat a bit more. By Friday night I was thinking I was on the up and up and planned on running Saturday, even sans Lori. (I KNOW) Well Saturday morning came and I woke up feeling like I had knives stabbed into every cavity of my face. Awesome. I couldn't move my head without wanting to cry. So running...yah no. I didn't even clean my house. Yes it was that bad. I drowned myself in fluids, and slept and took meds, and slept some more yesterday. Jared even made me stay home from church (which I planned on blogging then, but just slept some more...) Today I still don't feel great, but I feel a lot better than I have for the past few days, so yipee. Watch out. I may just find enthusiasm again too. Hmmmm....

Saturday, December 6, 2008

How My Vacation Didn't Ruin My Weight Loss Plan

Yes, you read that right... I haven't gained any weight on my vacation. I've done my best to eat healthy and naughty at the same time. Ha. I'm still here in wonderful sunny California, but my little babe was needing a serious nap, so I volunteered to sit at the hotel while she slept. I figured I'd blog about my vacay diet during her nap time. Sound good? Here we go.

Some things that helped me stay on track this week.
(my hotel gym)

and this

Now, this may look like I'm not happy... I wasn't. My attitude was not uber happy. I was grumpy about waking up on my vacation. BUT the minute I got to the hotel gym I felt better and after I was done working out I was SO GLAD I did. I was definitely a sour puss about working out, which ironically worked to my favor. When I was in the gym I pushed it harder because I was so ornery. haha. I tricked myself into hard workouts. Sa-weeet! My first workout morning I forced myself out of bed at 5:15am to meet my brother at the gym. When it was 5:50 and he still hadn't shown up I got really upset. I looked at the clock closer and realized that it was 4:50....oh man... he was late I was an HOUR early. Blast. I hadn't reset my cell phone clock. Grrrrr. Let the orneriness sweep over me. I already had 20 minutes of cardio in, so I figured "well, just do 40 more until he gets here." I alternated between running a mile, biking 3 and doing the stairstepper. I was a sweatpile when my brother showed up. A massive SWEAT. PILE. It was lovely. We did a hard 60 minute strength training session. My brother corrected my form on my overhead tricep curls. Ummm they hurt SO MUCH worse. Manda, you'll get to learn that this week. Just start crying now. The things we put ourselves through to be healthy! (and I'll admit I am slightly addicted to working out... endorphins people, endorphins!!!)
  • Walking and walking and walking and walking and walking also helped me out a lot. It's so gorgeous here. You walk everywhere. Dinner each night we picked a different place that was at least .5 mile away. It made for a lot of nights carrying my 5 year old and 7 year niece on our backs walking back to the hotel, but worth not ordering room service! Plus, it was extra calories burned!
Food choices on vacation stink. They are sooo nummy and soo fattening; they are also soooo pricey and sooo EVERYWHERE. Our first day here we went to the store and got healthy alternatives: pb & j, granola bars, cereal, fruit, popcorn, bottled water, etc. Each morning and afternoon we ate our own breakfast and lunch, that helped alot. Being on a tight budget also helped because we REALLY chose when we splurged on a 4$ lemonade or a $3 churro. The kids got a treat everyday so they were really careful with what they chose. Having snacks in the backpack that were healthy alternatives helped us snack throughout the day without resorting to hot dogs, pizza, cotton candy, etc. This trip was also a budget-imposed soda sobriety test for me. Yup. I was NOT willing to pay $2.75 for a 20 oz caffeine free diet coke. So... yup. Sad, sad, sad. I've tried to eat a lot of protein and avoid snacking late a night. I won't sit here and say I haven't had naughty food. Cause ummmm have YOU ever gone on vacation and not? That's what I thought. However, I've only had dessert twice this week and tried to eat more veggies when we order out.

I'm really psyched that my 6 day trip has left me the same size/weight as I was when I left. My goal was only to gain 2-4 lbs... so I definitely hit my goal! YAY!!!!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Just Call Me Slacker

Yah....that's my new name. I have been in a total blogging funk. No desire to blog whatsoever, so I haven't. Not a very good excuse, but it's the truth. So here is my effort to get back into it. Speed has been far from my mind really these last 2 weeks. The weather has been soooo nice, all I want to do is run the trails until the snow drives me from them. So it has really been 2 weeks of trail running for me. I love the trails. They are good for my soul. One of the things that I really love about running the trails is that it clears my head and lets me focus on the beauty around me. With Thanksgiving this past week, it has allowed me to really reflect on all that I'm grateful for...at which at the top of that list are good friends, living in a gorgeous place, a strong body, and the freedom to do things when I want to without fear.
The one street run we did do this past week was the annual ORMC 5 mile run on Thanksgiving morning. Although this run was a little different than in years past. Usually the run starts with Sister Stephanie (a local catholic nun) giving a prayer of thanks. I missed that this year. I don't know if I just didn't hear it, or if it didn't happen, but one way or the other I didn't hear it and I was sad. Secondly, the run seemed really easy and short...oh wait it was. Someone was confused when plotting the course, because last time I checked 3.92 miles was not exactly the same as 5 miles....hmmmm....and thirdly we just ran and chatted sans any emotional trauma. Weird.

Plus this little guy joined us for the first time. Welcome Max to the joys of running.

Hi again, weekly wrap-up

Well friends, it's weigh in time again. Haha. Seeing as though I gained 4 lbs last week I'm going to take this weeks 2 lbs loss as an eehhhhhh. I'm grateful I didn't gain any more weight, but I'm sure my over indulgence this weekend didn't help.

My Thanksgiving workout was really great. The ORMC run in the morning is always fabulous. I can't believe it was our 4th year. Each year it seemed one of us was struggling with getting pregnant/not getting pregnant/miscarrying/recovering from a traumatic birth... so this year? It was heaven. We ran and were happy with no major emotional trauma. Yay for that!

After Thanksgiving dinner, which rocked, I went for a power walk with my sisters-in-law. It was freezing and I was in my Father-in-laws huge coat, but I loved it. Made my stomach settle and made that pumpkin pie I ate taste even more delicious. My sister-in-law made a RAW pumpkin pie... I know what you're thinking cause I thought the same thing... but it was GOOOD. The crust was made out of crushed almonds. MUCH better for you than the traditional pumpkin pie. I'll get the recipe and post it. I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend also.

So, some bad news bears. Van and I are having to scale back a little bit financially and Basics is unfortunately the first thing to go. I won't be going to Basics at least until January, but maybe February and maybe not ever again... sad I know. Since we already have a gym membership it seemed silly to have both of us going to Basics. Don't you worry, they post their workouts online and you better believe I'll still be doing them every Monday and Wednesday... except today... haha. I had this awful horrid nightmare that woke me up and has had be running around my house like a maniac ever since... oh my.

This weeks workout schedule is a titch different. Get excited. I'll be posting from the vacay with pictures, oh yes.

Monday: Pilates/3 miler
Tuesday: Lifting and cardio with Manda/ Swimming in the pool with my kids
Wednesday: Destination 3 miler and arms
Thursday: Destination 30 minute bike ride
Friday: Destination 3 miler and legs
Saturday: Off playing with the kids on the beach (that counts as cardio, right?)

Goals for this week:
  • Drink lots and lots and lots of water! Stay away from the diet coke!
  • Only one treat a day
  • Enjoy my vacation.

P.S. I scored some FREE workout clothes this weekend. You better believe that I grabbed some extra to give away on our blog here. Be looking for that coming up soon!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Boo-ya Thanksgiving Challenge Complete!

5 miler ---errr--- 3.92 miler this morning.

nummy nummy thanksgiving dinner and nummy nummy pie.

4 mile brisk walk with the sisters-in-law.

WHEW. Boo ya. I'm all about it. Not only did I get to eat pie without remorse, but the walk actually woke me up and made my tummy feel better. Let alone my lungs!

Did you finish your challenge?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Don't underestimate the power of stretching

On monday I went into to front office to gather my schedule and charts for the patients I was going to be seeing. On the top of my patient files was a Fit Pregnancy magazine, I laughed and asked the sectaries if they were trying to drop a hint! Needless to say I have enjoyed reading it. I have been wanting to find more information on stretching and what stretching to do, and behold on page 22 was a little right up on how stretching can prevent preeclampsia and other unwanted stress on the body during pregnancy. A study done at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill conducted a little study, and found stretching to be just as beneficial as walking, and in some ways more healthy for the mom and baby. So with the winter days ahead. Don't feel bad if taking a stroll, jog or braving it by driving to the gym is going to happen take time to STRETCH! Check out Fit Pregnancy online for other ideas http://www.fitpregnancy.com/


Monday, November 24, 2008

Week Three Wrap-Up

Alright. Folks. Apparently me and sodium? Not such good friends. I spent all weekend footballed out eating chips left and right. So... the weigh in this morning? I GAINED 4 lbs. Eeep! Another week, another week.... another week.... right? RIGHT!?!?!? (and uhhh kick the sodium...)

The best thing from this last week was Amanda and I's 5 miler on Saturday. It was GORGEOUS. I love this late fall. The weather was perfect. We went running about 11am. WSU was playing music for the football game so as we were running the foothills above campus we had our own running mix. It was awesome. My hams were dead by the time we were done, but running cleanses my soul, especially running the trails. I want to run them every week until we can't run them any longer. What say you? If anyone is up for a trail run let us know, we'd love to meet you!!

This weeks workout schedule:

Monday: Basics
Tuesday: 3 miler
Wednesday: Basics
Thursday: 5 mile Turkey Trot/ 3 mile walk after dinner
Friday: Kickboxing video
Saturday: Golds Gym

When I was meeting with a nutritionist she gave me a challenge to do a double workout on Thanksgiving so I could eat pie without remorse. I extend that challenge to all of you! Workout out for at least an hour in the morning and 30-60 minutes after dinner... then you can have pie! YAY!!!!

  • Double Workout on Thanksgiving
  • 64 oz of water daily
  • no carbs with dinner

Friday, November 21, 2008


Hey girls I realize its almost a week late, but Ty went out of town this week and took the power cord. So although I had a computer and internet I had no way to use it because the lap top was dead and we haven't yet set up wireless on the desk top (I can assure you it will be done this weekend though) It's crazy to realize how much your life depends on this thing we call the internet! BUT I wanted to thank you both for the great run Saturday- how I love the trails, although they kick my butt they sooth me soul :)

Pump it Up!

So like Lori my week has been a little crazier than usual- so I apologize for the lat post! I am so excited to report I have had four good days in a row :) this is an all time record for me...hopefully tomorrow will make five! Unfortunately school always puts a damper on exercising and now that I am away from Amanda and Lori and getting up at 5:30 just doesn't happen on my own. But I have been able to get my workouts in, as long as I make it to power pump tomorrow at the gym. One of my best friends from high school teaches several class for Gold's and after having a long talk with her about how I have the hardest time lifting alone because I feel self conscious and never know what to do or if I am doing it right. She told me to go to the Power Pump (or Body Pump depending on which Golds you go to). She sent me all the information I needed to know about being pregnant- the brochure can be picked up at any front desk. It totally kicked my butt but let me tell you how good it feels to be sore and know my muscles are working!

Just some tips to remember- resistant training when approved by your Doctor for you fitness level can be a great way to help your body stay strong and support your growing belly during pregnancy and help make labor easier (if that is possible). However there are important things to keep in mind like: (1)Making sure you've given yourself a stronger base of support by standing with your feet slightly wider apart to allow for your new center of gravity. (2) The pregnancy hormone relaxin is acting to soften all your connective tissue, so don't put strain on your joints by using excessive RCM. (3) Keep the trunk of your body upright- don't lean back. Engage the ads to support the pelvis and avoid over-extending the lower back.

Good luck see you all next week!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Week Two Wrap Up.... Two Days Late

Okay, I'm a slacker, apparently. Monday was insane and yesterday we had house showings so my computer wasn't readily available. Here's the week two recap.

Weigh in: I've lost a measly .5 lbs. HOWEVER when I went shopping yesterday I could fit back into a size 10 jean! Woo woo! It's been over a year and a half since I've been able to do that. So, basics and my eating habits are showing up elsewhere, even if it's not on the scale. Gotta remember that muscle replaces fat... but that's still discouraging on the scale. Any of you ever feel that way?

Basics: HOLY COW. I've never been soooo sore in my life! Yup. NEVER.

Favorite Workout of the Week: Running with my ladies on Saturday morning. The Tres Amigas haven't been together for a long run since July? It was fabulous. Even pregnant Erin did awesome keeping up on the you-think-you're-in-shape-til-you-run-them trails. I'm grateful we had another nice Saturday that we could do more trail running. Trail running in November? SA-WEET!

Second Favorite Workout of the Week: When Amanda's husband had to leave for work before we could make it to the gym and we converted mops, brooms, and furniture into our gym. Oh yes yes we did. I'm going to write out the workout and take pictures of what we did by Friday. Get excited. You literally can workout ANYWHERE and ANYTIME and it can kick. your. butt.

Workout schedule this week:

Monday: Basics (where they introduced a new machine that made my abs scream "I hate you for life!")
Tuesday: Was supposed to go running with Amanda but we were hosers and talked ourselves back into our beds. Silly kids that don't want to sleep for us.
Wednesday: Basics, where I got to try the Woodway for the first time.
Thursday: Class at Golds
Friday: Maintenance 3 miler and abs
Saturday: 6 mile trail run with Amanda/ lifting at Golds

Goals for the week:
  • Drink 64 oz of water daily
  • Don't eat after 9 pm
  • No Fast Food, period.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Need For Speed

When I'm upset or angry usually the first thing I want to do is go for a hard run. I want to run away from all of the things that are upsetting me, and just have a minute to clear my thoughts. When I run hard it seems that everything else in life falls away; it's just me and my thoughts and nature. It's so cleansing. I however do not always have that emotion to fuel my running. Because I am NOT a morning person and we exercise in the morning, many mornings it takes all the energy I have just to get out of bed, let alone run. My body screams at me as I put one leg in front of the other willing myself into a jog. Therefore I typically dread spead training and tempo run days. I know, however, that in order to widdle my half time down to 1:45 from 1:54 I am going to have to put some more effort into these workouts. Now if I could just harness some of my pent up agression and save it for the days that I speed train. Hmmmm....
Right now I have about 3 speed/hill exercises that I do, but I'm looking to expand. This week I am going to do some research and find at least 2 more speed training workouts that I can do to add to the reprotaire. I will report back next Friday. Are there any speed workouts that you've done that you really have found you love? I would love to hear about them.
In the meantime, happy training.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Favorite New Entree

Okay, this new low-carb-low-sugar-diabetic diet is seriously cutting in my awesome CARB filled dinners. I made up this nice little lettuce wrap recipe after being inspired by PF Chang's lettuce wraps. Get excited. It's GOOOOD.

1 lbs of ground beef (or ground turkey)
1 can of chunked chicken (or 1 Cup of cubed cooked chicken)
1 c of diced tomatoes
green pepper, onion, minced garlic (to taste)
1/2 c yellow squash
1/2 c green squash
1/2 c corn
Parmesan cheese
1/4 c can't believe it's not butter
Full size Romaine Lettuce Hearts

Cook the chicken, ground beef, onions, garlic, butter, tomatoes, green pepper and corn until brown. turn the heat down to low, throw the squash in (cut up into small fourths) and put the lid over the pan, steam & simmer for about 10 minutes until the squash is cooked. Sprinkle salt, pepper and Parmesan cheese over the top, stir. Put into a bowl.

Grab the Romaine Lettuce hearts, break them off as full size pieces, rinse and dry off lightly with a paper towel.

Take the meat & vegetables and put them down the middle of the lettuce rhine. Roll like you would a tortilla and enjoy! It's DELICIOUS!!!

Ps. Bonus? Jaylee gobbles them up, completely delicious!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Secrets of working out when Pregnant

Yeah the first three months are over! However the morning sickness seems to not be, but I think its getting better so I am hopeful:) This is my first pregnancy- and I know that I know just about nothing. I am very much so learning as I go and enjoying the process. Luckily working out and being active has been apart of my life for quite so time, and I feel a little more confident in that area. Each week on Wednesday I will be giving an update of what I am doing and what I plan on doing the next week for my workouts. Hopefully some of you may find something that will interest you- feel free to leave me comments and tips of things your doing, and websites your watching and week by week we will all make it through these 9 months.

Over the last three months I have been able to truly "put to the test" my testimony of being active and just how much I am willing to value it day by day. I have learned for me working out is about a release: I find when I am exercising I am able to process my day, emotions, worries, and joys! I am able to release what ever it is positive or negative that I am holding on to and radical accept what I can't control. When I finish exercising I find myself mentally lighter, stronger, and better prepared to fight my battles and cherish my triumphs. These are the aspects of exercising that make it worth it to me, and these same aspects are the reasons I am choosing to remain active through my pregnancy. Obviously there are other benefits, but the power I get from being active is what motivates me more than anything. This week I would encourage you to think about why exercising is important to you, and focus on those reasons during your workouts.

Since I am finishing up my Masters Degree and completing my last 700 hours of my internship- there isn't much time or areas in my life I can let slide, so there have been some days, getting through the day is a success and something I view as nothing less. I am no putting pressure on myself or making myself feel guilty for not exercising- and so far so good :) I am loving this time of my life and feel so lucky and blessed to have so many wonderful things happening. I don't intend to ruin that.

I am choosing to only run 3 miles at a time (2X a week), at about a 10/11 minute pace (whatever my dog is running she is slow). I know there are women for have ran further and faster, but this is where I am comfortable. To each their own right? If I wake up and am not feeling up to speed or just want to take it slow I am enjoying taking a "mindful" walk with my dog. For me the "mindful" piece is important. I focus on my body and how I feel from head to toe, I notice what I smell, hear, see and feel (I have found I enjoy this more without the IPOD, but sometimes I still take it along- its up to you). I am amazed at how much more I get out of my excise time when I am present and mindful, I have truly came to enjoy this "walking thing" My second goal is to go to the gym twice a week and lift. As of next week I am going to start attending a body pump class- I will let you know how that goes.... I am trying to get 45-60 minutes of "something" in 4 times a week, but remembering "pregnancy is not a time to push it"

I am sticking to the rule of thumb- If I did it before generally I am fine to do it pregnant. But I am not doctor, please remember to always consult someone who knows what they are talking about before you begin doing anything.

Being healthy through pregnancy is important and there are many aspects of "what makes someone healthy" I probably won't mention much about "eating right" Food is not my favorite thing right now, and researching and thinking about it only makes it worse- but it that is your thing please share :) Over the last year I have worked quite a bit with women's issues particularly that regarding body image. I think everyone women is different and unique, I don't want to encouraging comparing or valuing your pregnancy only by "how small you are?" and therefore won't be mentioning anything about my weight. Keep in mind all information supports pregnancy is not the time for weight lose. If you are concerned cabout your weight gain, that is a great thing to check with your Doctor.

Trail Tempo Run

So I think I'd be much more inclined to do tempo runs all the time if every morning could be beautiful and filled with trails. Sadly it's much too dark to run the trails at the time that we usually go running. So we went at 7:00 this morning instead of 6:00 so we would have some light. The run itself was beautiful. The trail was wet from all of the rain yesterday and there were leaves everywhere so it was kind of slippery at times. I'm always amazed at how the trails energize me. I seem to be able to push myself a lot more on the trails. Today I felt really good running except for the occasional twinges of pain left over from doing 100 squats last Friday. Overall it was a great run. I just wish it were lighter earlier in the morning so we could do it more often. As much as I loved the trail run, running that late didn't really work for either Lori or I. Sad. But I will for sure take a tempo trail run any day over a speed training day! Tee hee.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Week One Wrap Up

Hi everyone. I weighed in this morning and I have lost 2 lbs. Woo woo. Yay for me. I know 2 lbs is small, but I'm hoping to keep it up! Last week was a hard exercise week. I was sooo tired and sore, but I feel like I'm doing it, I'm pushing hard. I tried to only have one treat a day, and that quickly turned into lots of treats everyday. My new goal this week is NO treat until Sunday, when I can have one serving of whatever treat I want. (I'm thinking pumpkin pie..yummmmm)

I feel good about working out every day. It definitely makes you tired, but I feel like that's the only way to see the results. I am becoming a true believer in interval training. That is what they preach at Basics and I can see the wisdom in it. Here is an article that explains the benefit of mixing cardio and lifting weights in intervals. I about killed Amanda introducing her to the the new philosophy of interval gym workouts... but she still likes me even if I make her muscles shake and her tummy upset. Right, friend?

This is my workout schedule for this week:

Monday: Basics (workouts posted on their blog)
Tuesday: Trail tempo run with Manda
Wednesday: Basics
Thursday: Body Combat class with my brother
Friday: Lifting/Cardio with Manda
Saturday: Trail run with my girls!! YAY!

My nutrition goals:
  • 3 fruits 3 vegetables daily
  • no carbs with dinner
  • only one serving of caffiene free diet coke daily
  • no treats until sunday,
Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Marks the beginning of my return to Basics. It also marks the beginning of my logged journal of weight loss for Look Pretty. Run Nasty. Get excited. This is how I personally feel about it....
I gave up caffiene diet coke last week, this week it's having one sugar treat daily (rather than the ...oh..... twenty I've been having? dang halloweeno)
Wish me luck!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I can run again!!!!!!!

Yay! I got the clearance from the doctor and it's official your favorite anal-running friend is baaaaack! Manda and I went for our first run on Saturday morning with my little sister, Ashley. We only went 3 miles and my toe was pretty weak and sad by the end, but I loved every second of it. It was a great start to my weekend.

Today officially marks the start of my new resolve to the diabetic diet-no soda-limited sugar-more protein and hopefully less weight on my hips! (and arms, and legs, and waist...) From now on I'm going to keep my food journal on Fit Day (I'll get the link up soon). I figure I'll try and combat my emotional over-eating with my anal-retentiveness........ I'm hoping the analness/determination will win out over grazing and crazy eating habits.

So, get excited friends (I know Manda is SOO excited to have her crazy workout partner back...wuahahahahahaha). Manda and I have our first speed training together tomorrow. She's gonna LOVE me. Hee hee hee.

Friday, October 24, 2008

My favorite runs

Oh the joys of cold season! Of course the cold bug came to vacation in my head this Wednesday- and lucky me he was kind of enough to interrupt midterms, so as I sit here today in my sex therapy class snuffling, and sneezing. Day dreaming about how now that my tests are done and done well :) I just want to go for a long hard run...and since that won't be happening for several reasons. I wanted to take the moment to reminisce

1. The snowball fight run through WSU campus last winter
2. The fall run were we found the kitten and the moon had that cool ring around it
3. The run the day before the Ogden Half 07
4. Summer running when its light at 5:30 in the morning (I couldn't narrow those down)
5. The, "lets start running at the light pole" but then we end up walking the majority of the run
6. The run in the fall of 06 where it rained the entire time and we were soaked but still found the spirit to run up Marlyn
7. ALL THE TRAIL RUNS- but specially the run this summer with Sue Ann. P.S Manda I think that was my only run with you this summer
8. The first 20 mile run this last spring
9. Any run that has ends with hot chocolate
10. Any run along Washington with all the really great smells

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our Poor Neglected Blog

Lori breaking her foot.

Amanda's baby having surgery.

Erin being plastered with her Masters.

EQUALS= Bad Exercise Bloggers!!!!

Be Back Soon!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Proof That I'm not ALWAYS a morning person (and slight insight into Mandori)

5:48 am (we're supposed to meet at 6am)
Our text conversation:
Amanda: You up friend?
Lori: I accidentally turned my alarm off, just waking up.
Amanda: Oh good
Lori: Just trying to convince my body to roll out of bed
Amanda: I am too
Lori: That's not good =D
Amanda: What time did you finally fall asleep?
Lori: 130ish
Amanda: That sucks. I'm sorry
Lori: Ehhh
Lori: How was max?
Amanda: He's still asleep

[banter about Amanda's cute boy for roughly 4 minutes... stalling... stalling...]

Lori: Okay, we need to get out of bed friend, I'm starting to fall back asleep
Amanda: Ehh ;)
Lori: Ok,
Lori: 1
Amanda: 2
Lori: 2.5
Amanda: Hey, You cheated
Lori: 2.7
Amanda: 2.75
Lori: 2.8
Amanda: 2.9
Lori: 2.91
Amanda: ZZZZZZ
Lori: Mmmmm
Lori: Ok ok ok, 3
Amanda: Did you get up?
Lori: Yup, Standing
Amanda: Good job!

We ended up making it to the gym for speed training at 6:23.. only 23 minutes late. Oye. (read Manda's account below)

Speed Will Kill You

I can always tell when I'm really getting into training again because speed training starts. Not only is it hard to get out of bed in the morning, but on days that I'm doing speed training my body tries to revolt and trick me into staying in bed. It's scared of what crazy workout I'll put it through. ;) However, if I'm ever going to reach my goal of a 1:45 1/2 marathon speed training is a must. Lori has been awesome in making me do it thus far, and I feel like I've been getting a good workout in. This morning, because of her broken foot, we went to the gym so that she could bike and I could speed train on the treadmill. I remembered the treadmill speed workout kicking my butt, yet today I think the treadmill actually cut it off and handed it to me. It was a great workout, but I'm pretty sure I looked like this when I was finished.
I could actually wring sweat out of my hair. Ewwwww. I know it's good for me and even though I'm tired I do feel like I got a great workout in. I just wish I could convince myself to be able to do these types of workouts on my own. I'm going to have to find the motivation. Afterall, I will be alone soon.....

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

...and this little piggy...

Oh running friends. What a sad day. But, before I unfold the story of today, I must flip back our calendars to last Saturday, the marathon, and start there.

I had made a poor choice of buying new shoes for the marathon. When did you buy them Lori? Oh, the day before the marathon. My sad pathetic running shoes were about 60 miles overdue and my shins were starting to feel it. I had planned on getting them before my NC trip, but I never did... of course I put it off til ... oh 18 hours before the marathon! GRRR. The running store guy said since it was the same brand, my feet were used to it, etc etc etc it should be okay. Running on newer shoes is better than running with no support. (so the articles say) Marathon came and went and I kept mentioning to Amanda how my foot hurt. Maybe I just wore my shoes too tight and they were bruised. Or my feet just hurt, I DID just run 26 miles. I went on my merry way...

Because I'm a runner and we're a funny and strange breed, I never thought another second about the pain in my foot. I lifted weights, ran (a lot), did all sorts of crazy exercises at BASICS that made my foot HUUUURT. I just kept thinking "it's probably just a bruise." Then on Saturday I mentioned to Van that I think I really bruised my foot, he looked at it and just hung his head as he shook it in disbelief. He made me hold my feet up together and pointed out how the inside of my right foot from my joint to my arch was about three times the size of my left foot. Oh. "I really think you should get it checked out, Lor." Okay, hon. On the check list. Nope. Went to BASICS again on Monday, did squats, lunges, ran, and did 100 calf raises, on my FOOT. (those hurt) While I was doing the calf raises I thought "hmmm, should you be doing this?" But because I'm INSANE I just kept doing them.

Shoot to this morning, Amanda and I did a tempo run... which went really really well. I'll leave her to tell you about the actual workout, but towards the end of the run I was slowing down quite a bit and my foot was starting to KILL. The minute we got to Manda's house my shoe was off and I was whining. Amanda, once again, told me I should get it checked out. (She and Van are apparently in cahoots about my foot) I said "yah yah" and went home. Well, after about an hour and a half I couldn't put pressure on the ball of my foot anymore and each step up and down the stairs produced some wellage in my eyes. Dang it.

I went to the doc and this is what they found out from the x-ray. I fractured the medial cuneiform bone, right where it meets with the metatarsal bone. Translation: the ball joint of your big toe? That big round thing that sticks out? That's broken. Which would explain why it's purple and swollen down to my arch. So I get to sport this lovely shoe for the next 4 weeks:

(baby not included)

I'm waaay excited. Especially since that means NO running, NO impact sports period for at least 3 weeks. I can still lift weights as long as my foot is stationary. I can ride a bike all I want. (grumble grumble... good for triathlon training grumble..) I go back in to the doc in 3.5 weeks, if things haven't cleared up it's a full calf boot for me which equals more NO running, NO impact sports and a very bummed out Lori. Yippee.

I realize 3-4 weeks is nothing in the long haul... but....Pfffffffttttt!!!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

To Those Who Read Our Blog.

"Look Pretty, Run Nasty" started out as a way for Erin, Amanda, and I to stay connected and encourage each other during our marathon training last spring. It's turned into something so much better. It's been a place that has connected us to so many awesome athletes and deepened our love for running, exercise, and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our friendship has grown and deepened (which we didn't even know was possible). All three of our paths are heading in very different directions over the course of the next 6 months. Because of this, we have different goals when it comes to racing, diet, and exercise for the next year. Over the course of the next two weeks we're going to cue you in to the direction we're wanting to take our blog. Just letting our faithful readers know we're still here, still posting, just revamping things. :)

Manda and I have a rockin' 4 mile tempo run in the morning. I'm sure we'll both have something to say about THAT (especially since "trainer Lori" is back in her skin wuahahahahahaha)

Keep things Nasty ladies...

Over and Out. -Lor

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Loved This Quote

"It's very hard in the beginning to understand that the whole idea is not to beat the other runners. Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants to quit." GEORGE SHEEHAN
This morning we did speed training and I wanted to quit. My lungs hurt, my heart was pounding and my muscles were screaming. Wish I would have had that quote written on my hand this morning. Maybe it would have helped. But then again, maybe not. ;)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

its TIME...

for FALL runs- oh how I love fall mornings like this morning. Enjoy the clear skies, crisp air and CRUNCH under your feet

Sunday, September 21, 2008

TOU Marathon Race Highlights.

Hi friends. Well, it happened. What you say? You actually ran and finished that marathon that you really didn't train for? Sweet! Why yes yes friends I did. I wrote about the more emotional side on my family blog... but figured I'd keep this post more light and running related...sound good? So, here we go the highlights of the marathon, get excited. I'm going to break it up into sections... browse at your leisure.

Holy moly, love the clothing options for the TOU marathon. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to buy. I think I'm going to let the GOAL foundation know that they need to expand their clothing options for the Ogden Marathon, who's with me? I got a cute orange hoodie that I will be sporting all winter. Yesssss. I ate pasta that DID NOT agree with my tummy and ended up becoming BFF's with my cousin's toilet. Luckily, it subsided by 1:30ish so I was able to get SOME sleep before the marathon. I had a dream that I slept in til 7 and woke up in a frenzy... it was only 3:05. Good good.

Bus Ride:

It was a school bus for elementary students. I sat under the letters "R and S" and there were a list of "bus rules" most of which all the runners on board were breaking. Hee hee. I also was the last runner off the bus cause I was freezing and chose to stay in the bus as loooong as possible (yes, until the bus driver looked at me like "uhhhh, you running this or am I driving you back down?") which turned out to be a BAD idea cause then I had to go to the bathroom STAT.

Porta Potty:

Oh HOLY. LINE. I needed to go soooooooooooooooo sooooooooo bad and had to wait 20 MINUTES. Dang people that got off the bus before me!!! While in the pot I hear on the loudspeaker "3 minutes til start!" Eeeeek, talk about a stressful way to start the race!

The Race Miles 1-6

These miles went by really really fast. I disliked having to stop every 4 minutes and walk. I felt like I was sprinting every 4 minutes to make up for that 1 minute. The entire running population just springing past you. By mile 6 I was toggling the same group of people consistently. I'm sure that was mentally taxing for them too. We were running the same pace but they were running the entire time and I was getting walk breaks. Oh, get excited cause I was toggling with UNDERWEAR MAN! Manda got a good shot of him from the front. And sad, it looks like his "wife beater" is actually a running shirt too.... maybe we should all pitch in and get him a new outfit and present it to him at the next race.

Mile 7-13
These were the hardest miles emotionally in the race. The canyon was GORGEOUS but I just couldn't focus right. It was a LOT of downhill and it seemed everytime my 4 minutes were up we were cresting and just getting ready for a huge downhill run. I got frustrated that I lost the momentum of running down the hill only to walk, start running halfway down the hill and then have to run up a hill again. I was ready to call it a race, especially when I crossed the half marathon mark and my time as 2:17. GRRRRR. I kept toggling people and not being able to catch up when I stopped to walk. It messed with me emotionally the whole walk/run/walk/run thing. I felt so full of energy and was frustrated that I was wasting it on walking. I got upset with the Jeff Galloway method but figured I needed to stick it out.

Mile 14-19
Oh how I felt like stopping. I came out of the canyon all pumped to see everyone... see everyone... see NO ONE?! Where in the heck are Van and Amanda? Hmmmm. Hopefully they will eventually find me, just keep running, just keep running. (What do we do? We Run. Run. Run.) I looked at every spectators face trying to figure out if one of them was Mel, looking for a boy that looked like Crew... to no avail.. Mel if you were there, I did not see you, sorry!! I loved it when it rained, made me instantly cool. Plus, I can't resist running in the rain. However, when I got to mile 17 this is about how I felt

no, not "about" how I felt. That was HOW I felt. So it was good that I had the cheer up visit from my favorite peeps. I had been toggling this group of three girls for FOREVER. They were kinda annoying at first because they were all giggly and chatty (probably like we are... haha) but by about this point they had lost some of the lovin' feeling. And in a sick, twisted way it made me happy. It meant that the race was draining them too. Then I PASSED them and I giggled as I passed them. WUAHAHAHAHAHA. These peeps also ran by me. Wonder if they were regretting their running wear choice by mile 23

When I hit the mile 18 marker I giggled outloud thinking "I am really insane, I just ran 18 freaking miles... and I still have 8 left... I. AM. INSANE!!!!!!!!!" My insanity induced happy spell kept me moving til mile 19 where my posse was waiting. Thank. HEAVENS. Amanda jumped on the running bandwagon and suddenly I had energy and determination again. Praise the Lord!

Mile 18-24

These miles pretty much went like this....
Amanda: [insert really funny story]
Lori: Uh Huh
Amanda [insert funny topic/idiom]
Lori: Uh Huh
Amanda [insert political or intriguing discussion]
Lori: Is it time to walk yet?
Amanda: Okay, time to run.
Lori: Another BLASTED hill? Who ARE these people?
Amanda: [insert encouraging words]
Lori: When is the next water station?
Amanda: .....
Lori: When do we get to walk again?
Amanda: You can do it.
Lori: How long have we been running?
Amanda: Lor, you're doing great.
Lori: Manda, I'm done, I'm really really done.
Amanda: I'm proud of you.
Lori: ....
Amanda: You can DO this!
Lori: I don't WANT to do this anymore.

Yaaah. I was a stellar person to run with. Despite what you think Mand, I DID hear your stories and now that I'm coherent and not wanting to punch anyone in the face I can have an actual conversation with you. Amanda was GOD. SENT. She pulled me out of my "I can't do it" mode and made me run the 3-4 minutes and was pushing me to walk faster. She didn't get down on me when I just had. to. stop. for a second but also didn't force me to the point that I cried. She was wonderful. WON-DER-FUL. So glad I read that in the marathon book. Highly recommend that strategy to anyone running a marathon! Grab a running friend with a fresh pair of legs for the last 6 miles, it makes a WORLD of difference. Oh and we passed the bubbly girls this time and ... their spark? it was GONE. hung shoulders, not talking at all. Inside it secretly made me happy... well, actually it wasn't THAT secret I turned to Amanda and whispered "Not so spunky anymore, eh?"

Mile 25-26
Just imagine a kid in the back of a car towards the end of a really really long road trip...

"Are we there YET?"

Pretty much was me. It was good, I knew we were getting to the end. But the TOU organizers were MEAN and put a HILL a freaking HILL at mile 25. and again at mile 25.3... mean hosers. Amanda was awesome, she kept me moving, kept my mind going, kept my body in it's rhythm. I could hear the finish line music and I knew I was close, but they have their finish line set up all retarded like... they must be in cahoots with Provo River Half, cause you have NO IDEA where it is til you're right there. Amanda cheered me on and ran ahead when there was a block or so left. She ran back and told me "run at the corner!" So, I moved forward with determination to sprint..

Mile 26-Mile 26.2

Okay, there is the finish line. Hmmm. I should really start sprinting. Sprinting? Who am I kidding... just run... yah, move those legs... okay they are moving... Oh there is the finish! Woo woo!! And I skipped across, yes yes I did. SK-A-IPP-ED. Aren't I a peach? Then I was done. THANK GOODNESS. Gave them my timing chip, got my sa-weet medal and downed about 4 mini fat boys. I love ice cream after the marathon. We took these cute shots.

and this one for you Erin, cause ... we're THAT cool.

Final Thoughts

TOU Marathon: It was a nice marathon, well run, well attended and well supported. I enjoyed the course for the first 16 miles... once we got into the town it just got tedious and very looooong running all the switchbacks through the neighborhoods. I probably won't run the course again, I enjoyed the Ogden one much much better. Good to know for future marathons.

Jeff Galloway Method: I think it was a great way to save your muscles. I feel better after this marathon than I have for the other two. However, it slowed me down. My concern a few weeks ago turned out to be valid and I still puttered out in the end, so... my plan of action for future marathons would be the following: run like normal the first 16-17 miles, when mile 18 rolls around and your body starts to fall apart THEN adopt the walk/run 4/1 method. For me, that would make my time much better... we'll see,when I run another marathon I'll try it and see!

Ps. For those who cheer people on in the twenties? Do not, I repeat DO NOT say the phrase "you're almost there!" or "only 5 miles left!" cause seriously, people? We are NOT almost there and after 21 miles thinking about another hour on the course makes you want to cry. We are STILL not almost there at mile 24... around mile 25 you can start saying "Good job, only a mile left!" The only people I didn't want to punch in the face that said "You're almost there!" were peeps that said it with an accompanying "only 3 blocks left!! ... THAT my friends, is almost-there land.

Running a Marathon Solo: Ummm glad I did it. Not really something I want to do again. I know we ran the Ogden marathon at our own paces, but I still feel like we did it TOGETHER. This was all me. (and manda for the last 6... but you know what I mean) Just a little lonely.

Having cute babies and loving people cheer me on? Pretty much the best part.
I'm proud of myself for finishing. Especially with all the crap that has been going on lately, I had more than enough reason to bail on the marathon but I did it. I finished and I ran 99% of the 4 minute intervals. I'm grateful I've had the opportunity to run 3 marathons and .. ahem...

I'm taking this moment to announce my sabbatical from marathon-ing. (ooo sounds official doesn't it) I really need to get the whole Diabetes thing in check and with having to eat such a constant stream of carbs for endurance sports I just can't keep my carbs under 195g. I'll still be running but I need to focus on my health and get this weight off, get my thyroid in control and once everything is stable for awhile I'll jump back into more than 13 miles. Til then, half marathons, tri's and 10ks baby! Woo woo!!! It'll be like Spring Break!! Yipeee!!! Thanks for your support and cheers, it means a ton. You guys rock (even you silent blog lurkers... we know you read this blog and it gives us warm fuzzies) .

This is Lor, the marathoner, over and out.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I did it!

I'm alive! YAY! Home nursing my poor, sad, sore legs.

Post comin' soon. Manda is holding my pictures hostage.

But I'm happy and I FINISHED (my main goal) can't complain!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My visualization exercise.

Yup. It's here friends. The big marathon. The SOLO marathon. Here's my game plan, you excited?

Mile 1: Rock on. A mile, did it in 9 flat. Woo Woo, I'm a rock star

Mile 2: Down hill ROCKS! That was eeeeasy

Mile 3: Dooo Doooo dooo.... (sung, of course)

Mile 3.1: Yesss a 5k... under 30 min, awesome!

Mile 4: Wow. This is great.

Mile 5: Hi brown cow.

Mile 6: Where's the timer thing?

Mile 6.2: Oh, there it is... my rockin' support group will get their text messages. I'm feeling GREAT.

Mile 7: This is cake.

Mile 8: Rock on, we are still in the canyon. I love mountain running.

Mile 9: Already mile 9? My legs are feeling awesome!

Mile 10: Yesss! Double digits. Could this race BE any better?

Mile 11: I heart Jeff Galloway.

Mile 12: Drat, the canyon running is almost over. But that means we get to be cheered on by random peeps.

Mile 13: Good thing I like people cheering. I wonder if I'll recognize Mel.

Mile 13.1: Giggle Giggle, I just ran a half marathon and I feel AWESOME. Text messages sent, yesss.

Mile 14: Just passed "half way" woo woo

Mile 15: Completely out of the canyon, it's getting hotter, but I'm totally channeling my inner Sue Ann.

Mile 16: Channeling my inner Amanda. I feel awesome.

Mile 17: Walk breaks are my friends, but I still feel good. Yes Yes I do.

Mile 18: Oh look the switchback Erin told me about. Mental note, I will see this mile marker again at mile 20. Don't let it deflate me. Feeling good. Loving the walk breaks.

Mile 19: Yessss only one more mile and I get to run with Amanda. I can totally push through this mile.

Mile 20: HI FRIEND. Oh, hi friend. Oh, hi. Oh... look there is the 18 miler mark. Moving on....

Mile 21: Only 5 miles left! I can do this!!!!!

Mile 22: My legs are tired, but strong. The walk breaks are helping and I'm able to keep running the full 4 minutes.

Mile 23: Almost there, only a 5k + .1 left. I can do this, I AM doing this! I am tired but feeling good, good spirits.

Mile 24: Okay. Two more miles? Good thing Amanda is telling me about last nights baby shower cause I can't talk anymore. Still feel good.

Mile 25: Only 1 mile left. YESSSSSSSSSSSS.

Mile 26: Thank heavens, I can see the finish line! Bye friend! See you at the finish line!!!

Mile 26.2: Skip across the finish line... feeling GREAT and HAPPY!!!!!

WOO WOO!!! Chat with ya'll after the marathon!!! WISH ME LUCK!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Moment of Freakout

Would you all please take this moment to FREAK OUT with me? I am now in SINGLE DIGITS until the Marathon.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Holy Sore Body Batman or The Warm Fuzzy Run

Ok ladies. Here it is. My summary of the half on Saturday. I know you're excited, so please go use the restroom first. ;) Let's get the back story in quickly. Ok, so since Max joined our family I have pretty much exercised like not at all. Well I think I have managed to run a total of like 8 times and lifted maybe 3 times and I haven't played soccer at all. So this week what do I do? Play soccer Thursday and lift Friday, KNOWING that I was going to run a half on Saturday. Brilliant, Manda. Brilliant. Needless to say I woke up Saturday morning already really sore. Awesome. So whilst getting ready I was giving myslef the pep talk.
"You can do it Amanda. It doesn't matter that you're body aches. You can go and run a race and not be competitive. You're not out to win any medals, just to run and spend time with your friend. No need to pass people. Just finish...just finish. You can do it."
And then I gave myself a thumbs up. Uhhhh......nerd alert!

Well we got there and had a moment of spasticness...I know...you're thinking, "Who? Mandori? Never..." But alas it tis true. But to read about that part you'll have to go to my blog to read about that. Then the race started and my body started screaming. Well my legs at least. Oh they huuuuurt, and we were only a hundred yards in! Blast. Not a good sign. Thankfully Lori is a running genius and had decided that we were going to run this half the Jeff Galloway way and run for 4 minutes and walk for 1. Well I'm pretty sure I would have walked all the minutes had Lori not been there pushing me along.
The first 5 to 6 miles of any race is the hardest for me. I never feel good until we're in about 7 miles...which ironically is when Lor starts hurting...so then it's my turn to push. But that job was ripped out from under me by some random boys CC team. They FLEW past us, not once, not twice, but three times! Talk about demoralizing. The second time they ran past us, they really ran through us, so I started dancing....tee hee...secretly hoping to hit one of them while doing so. I'll teach you to run past me like that! So when they came by the 3rd time I tried to take a pic. Well you can see how well that turned out. Blast. Foiled on all sides. ;)

Previous to speed boys, we had the opportunity to run through a cow pasture....or at least that's what we THINK it was. Or maybe it was just a trap to catch unsuspecting runners in the deep murky waters that ran through it. Ummmm....can I say, dry shoes? I hate running in wet shoes. Luckily they'd put some rockin sprang-your-ankle boards over the waters. We were grateful we made it out alive! ;)

In the end it was a great race. The last 5 miles felt great and went by super fast. Lor and I had a great chat which really did leave me feeling all warm and fuzzy. We made each other list 5 talents that we're grateful we have. Try it sometime. It's harder than it sounds. We finished the race strong which I was super impressed with considering she's sick and deaf and I was unprepared and sore to begin with. Our finish time was even faster than the first half we ran together 2 1/2 years ago. Ahhhh....look at how far we've come! It was sooooo good to be out running long distances again and to have some great chat time (though Lor did think we'd need talking points...bah!)
Thanks Lor for such a good run! It was so fun and I was so glad to be running with you again! And no we did not plan on matching. It was fate. So yes I did it! I proved to myself that I indeed could jump into running again. So of course when I got home I had to give myself a thumbs up again....only this time a little more awake and sweaty.

And that's when the pain set in. All I have to say is Holy Sore Body Batman.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Running Through HEL (Huntsville, Eden & Liberty)

Well, well, let me tell you what Erin. You missed out on a classic Mandori* Saturday. Truly, truly, you might have disowned us as friends (til about mile 10 when we started back into “normalcy” again… or was it mile 9? Hmmmm) Nonetheless, I will leave it to Amanda to tell you the brunt of our race, because really, she’s funnier than I am. But, here are my highlights.

This is Jim. The pretty girl to his left is his wife Sue. Sue pretty much ran the entire half toggling us back and forth (in the end she finished about 30 seconds before us). Jim was a rockin’ husband and father, he and his son went to each mile marker to cheer his wife on. This meant that the ENTIRE race he’d be at every mile marker cheering us on (okay, he was really cheering his wife on but he threw us a cheering bone…) AND when he drove to the next mile marker he’d roll down his windows and cheer for us. We liked Jim. So, we asked him if we could take a picture with our cheerleader. He obliged.

Thanks Jim!!!!

Amanda and I are 100% addicted to our blackberries, if ya’ll hadn’t noticed, so it was only appropriate that we started the race blackberry’ing her husband… meaning… we had our blackberries with us the entire 13.1 miles. HAHAHAHA. We just can’t put the dang things down. We had to use them as our watches because I forgot my watch at home. Silly me. Don't you worry though, I got an email whilst running (yes, I read it) and Amanda got a phone call at 12.8 miles that she took. (yup!) We're funny.

The Jeff Galloway method? I think it was perfect for us with this half because.. 1) I was still feeling like CA-RAAP from my nice little infection. Plus, I had just been throwing up three days earlier… slightly low on fuel. 2) Amanda hasn’t run longer than 6 miles in the last two months… and pretty sure she’s only run maybe 10 times since May. Therefore, we were able to finish this race with minimal effort and not kill ourselves. However, I think for the marathon I am going to switch it up slightly. Totally going to do the JG method, but I’m going to push harder for those 4 minutes. If I don’t pick it up the extra 4 minutes I run the same pace PLUS take walk breaks… so my 9:30 mm turns into an 10:30/11:00mm which by mile 24 is going to be a 13mm…. so… that’s my thought. I figure if I can bust out the first 16 miles of the marathon I won’t be THAT far off my goal. We’ll see… really, it’s about finishing, right? Right? Keep reminding me of that friends.

New subject, oh, wait, previous subject. Tee hee. Tanget Queen, that’s me. Focus back on running through HEL. The course was GORGEOUS, flat, and soooo random (Manda has pictures) and they were kinda funny water stops. The WSU track team made me giggle…never felt more like a slug in my entire life. Listened to a dude talk to his running partner about how the bible doesn’t have any proof that salvation requires baptism. Hmmmm.

Manda’s hot.

(No, really, she was hot. She'd just taken her long sleeve off)

Manda’s ALWAYS faster than me, even with walking breaks. Yes, this is a walk break.. and she’s what 20 meters ahead? Dang her and her genetics.

But, really, here we go. Erin we’ve told you about him… but here he is. Mr. Underwear Man:
He’s ran both Ogden Marathons with me and was in another random Ogden race too. Always wears this same outfit. What you say? Boxers and a wife beater? Why, yes, that’s what I thought too….but he got up close to me at one point during the race and those shorts really ARE running shorts (what a let down) but it is a 100% wife beater. That didn’t stop me from singing this is in my head everytime I saw him (tuned to Spiderman..)

“Underwearman, Underwearman wears his panties cause that’s what Underwearman does…”
This biggest highlight, however, was running a race with YOU manda. I feel really blessed that I've been able to run a race with each of you, by ourselves, this summer. Erin, because we've never done it! A first memory!! Amanda, it’s been a long time and I loved every second. I especially liked how the race ended. We made each other say 5 things we liked about ourselves and talk about it and then gave each other pep talks. Very happy way to end the race. It was nice to run a race when our lives are pretty even-keeled. YAY! (yes, we're THAT cool...)
Good times, folks. Get excited for Amanda’s post. I’m pretty much waiting with baited breath. Just start laughing now…..

*Mandori's definition: Manda/Lori moments that really no one else would be able to fabricate.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Declaration of Running for Running

Preamble of declaration: SAFETY

Lady's! Lori and I had a intense conversation about running safety and being accountable while we are running on our own. The bases of our conversation can be summed up in three points: (1) Since the weather is changing and we all love our fall it means the easy summer mornings of running when its light outside is over for yet another year. (2)Especially now that all our lives/scheduled and where we live is changing. (3)Have you tried to tell your husband where you are going when they are half asleep and have no reason to be awake until its too late? Well, it doesn't work out great if you have given it a try. So because of these three reason, we are going to use the buddy system the night before your lonely workout, either call, text or post if you plan on running in the morning and when you will be back. Then when you return call, text, post (whatever form of communication you have chosen from the night before) and simply say "I AM ALIVE"...if you forget to notify the others- it will only happen once because of embarrassment of having the troops called out to find you will help your remember real quick. Obviously the first step would to call the husband of the missing runner and say, "hey remember that hot girl you love and call wife have you seen her?" and then proceed through the appropriate order of finding one another. COOL! Ya I thought so!
I also think after two or more years of running we pretty much know the drill, but lets take a second and formalize our running declaration, by adding amendments through posts.


*I run because my legs and heart are strong enough for me to push through
*I run to be at my psychical best
*I run because it clears my mind and organizes my troubles
*It's not cool to back out of races,(especially when others have already signed up) or training unless a dump truck hits you or something to that affect
*Running is not easy, there may be a million reasons not to go, but the feeling of and satisfaction upon completion out weighs every single one of those reasons
*Never walk longer than a minute
*Push through hills, and then they are over

Monday, September 1, 2008

hi friends

i never got around to blogging about our long run Erin... it was fabulous. thank you for being my therapist. i took a lot of what you said to heart and tried to apply it. you're going to be an excellent therapist, i hope you know that! i loved running in uintah (despite the ONE gory hill), i loved each time my watch beeped you'd say "ahh hell," i loved that starbucks gave us free cold water..yumm... and i especially loved that we went into smiths. haha. thanks for sharing that long run with me erin, it meant a lot.

this week's long run was pretty darn awesome. i ran up in the mountains (8000 feet ladies... your lungs DIIIEEEE) and was able to clear my head. what is it about the mountains? nature? i don't know but it's so much easier to open up my heart when i'm out away from it all. i was able to work through the crap i've talked to you both about and feel like i'm on the right track. i feel emotionally ready for the marathon, even if i don't feel quite positive about how physically ready i am to tackle the marathon. but, as we know, running is 90% mental 10% physical... so...hopefully that bodes well for me. :) i'm beyond excited that the weather has started to turn colder...yes yes i am. that means that the marathon MIGHT be manageable weather. yessssss. no sunburn or heat exhaustion. i'm ALL about that.

this week is going to be pretty chill in the running department. tomorrow morning manda and i are going to run 3-4 miles, on thursday morning i'm doing a speed workout and then running the Huntsville Half Marathon on Saturday with Alli and Amanda. should be good times had by all. what are your plans this week, friends?

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lonely, Oh So Lonely

So friends, I must say I'm no good on my own. I don't know how you two have done it. This weekend with Lor out of town, I had this great plan of running 8 miles on my own on Saturday....or not. I didn't even wake up until 7:00 and I had to be back by 8:00 because Jared had a class to teach that morning. :p I got out the door by 7:30, so I knew I only had time for 3 miles. Grrrrr. Almost 8 eh? So I ran the 3 mile loop from my house, and thanks to running with Lor and Sueann this summer I even ran all the hills. Woowoo! It was a good run, just not as long as I wanted. :( Although, let me tell you what....half of the histroic district is for sale. Oooo! We have to run it again so that I can show you all of the houses I've picked out for us. Sigh. Yes I love those houses.
So tomorrow, I'm going to try again. It's supposed to be cold and rainy. Yesssss. I love this kind of weather for running! I think it might just be my motivation for tomorrow. Run with a hoodie, then come home and have hot chocolate. Anyone up for joining me? Blast. On my own again. ;)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mel, Megan and others running the TOU

We've decided not to run the TOU half this Saturday. Sad. Personally, I was looking forward to possibly meeting you Mel and of course actually SEEING you Megan! I really need to get a 20 miler in and we're both trying to conserve our cash... so... driving up to Logan and paying for registration just threw us out this time. :(

Good luck to you ladies! We want to hear all about it. Maybe a guest post? Yessssss I like that idea. :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Speed training TUESDAY and other thoughts

...for the love! My passion for speed training is a sick twisted love affair...I love pushing myself and feeling like I am really moving...I hate the effort involved and despise sometimes feel like a ton of bricks. As a side note I am always amazed at how the Olympic Athletes can make a 5:30 marathon pace look like my twelve minute pace, I have no idea where the speed comes from! To stop for a moment of reflection- I have really enjoyed the running aspects of this summer, I have realize part of that is maybe because this is the first time in the last 7 years I have just been able to run for me. This is the first time I am not running with alternative motives such as: Losing weight, trying to get a boy to like me, or the most recent reasons of the last 2 years TRAINING for something. Indeed this summer has been about maintaining, and enjoying my healthy body and finding peace in my morning before the day begins. I am running twice a week with a cute girl in my ward (AMANDA be ready I think this girl can has some serious speed to contend with. Today was her first speed training with me and after a week of no running. The girl total pulled a 8 minute mile after a two mile nine minute mile tempo run). I am glad to have running company but miss you guys all at the same time.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mission Impossible--Apparently, Possible!

I really didn't think I could do it. Even though I've been running for almost 5 years now the longest run I've EVER done by myself (without running partners or the help of a race atmosphere) was about 12 miles. I was really really really nervous about actually doing it. I had running dreams all night, no joke. I woke up and it took me 25 minutes to convince my body that it DID want to get up and it DID want to go running. I took Erin's advice and chose to do a route that FORCED me into it. About 9 miles I realized that I truly HAD tricked myself... when I stopped in North Ogden for a potty stop I was seriously bummed that I had to run all the way back to Ogden (and up the [enter curse words here] hills). If I had been in place to jump ship, that's when it would have happened. The last 6-7 miles were torture... really the last 3. When I finally crested on 2oth and realized that I only had 3 miles left I thought "totally easy..." but my legs were dead, I had no one to talk to, and my music was only doing sooo much. But I DID it! It took me longer than anticipated, but I DID IT. Amanda, thanks for being my BB buddy during my walk breaks. It helped SO much to be able to talk to someone. I really appreciated the encouragement.

Jeff Galloway's method, btw, ROCKS. The first 13 miles were CAKE. No joke. If I can feel that good after running 13 miles again, sign me up! I think the reason that I was struggling with his method towards the end is that my mileage this summer hasn't been much above 12. Fun. fun.

Oh, friends, I DID IT!!!!! Now I'm not as scared about running the marathon all by myself.
Woo woo!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

18 miles. Tomorrow.

Well, so far I've decided to go forward with the TOU Marathon. Eeeeeeeeeeep. Wish I was better prepared, yes that would be nice. According to my training schedule I'm supposed to be running 18 miles in the morning. I called Sue Ann to see if she wanted to run the last 8 with me... nope... she has a really busy Saturday and is just going to fit a run in.. she's not sure what time. CRAP. So.... my plan is to run the old Ogden route and hope that I can do okay, not dying on the way back home. I'm also going to do it the Jeff Galloway way... and bring my ipod.. too much in my head right now that I don't actually WANT to sort through on the long run. So, I think tonight my goal is to create another playlist... yes yes... that would be good. Stay tuned to see how tomorrow pans out. This will officially be the longest distance I've ever run BY MYSELF. Scarrrry!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Holy. Crap.
The counter today says "37 days" til my next marathon.
I suppose I should start training, eh?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Provo River Half

What a great race! Erin and I had such a fun time running and both of us felt great and truly enjoyed ourselves. We were even shocked to find out that we pushed ourselves and did well! We channelled our inner Sue Ann and Amanda and were able to 1) keep a steady pace 2) not walk and 3) push it the last mile. Manda, you added a fun element to our half by providing us silly tasks to do along the half, it kept us highly entertained--thank you!
The highlights:
Our race weekend started out with a nice little sleepover at Erin's. Thanks for opening up your house, friend! We chilled, ate ice cream (yes, it IS good pre-half marathon food...hee hee) and watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. I enjoyed getting to know Ty better and seeing E's uber cute house.
Starting line. Relatively disorganized and SMALL. There were thousands of runners and we were all funnelled into a small parking lot entrance for the beginning. Due to Erin's finagling we snuck up to the front. Just like last time, they gave us no notice of starting, all the sudden a gun went off and THERE YOU GO!

Mile 3: We started getting reallllly worried. We hadn't seen a water station yet (ps, we did the first 3 miles in 25 minutes). Mile 3.5: even more concerned. Mile 4: THANKFUL for the water station.
Mile 6: Amanda's instructions were to stretch with the splits at mile 6... uhhh... this was as close as we could get:

10k pace, btw, was 54 minutes.
Mile 8: where we realized that we enjoyed running Half Marathons. Thinking about going 5 more miles seemed like NOTHING. That was a gooood feeling.
Mile 9: Amanda's directions were to run around the 9 mile marker in a circle. Hee hee.
Well, look closer... that 9 mile marker? What race are we running again? Oh yah, the Provo Half NOT the Moab Half. Tee hee. I'm glad they share... they're friends. :)
Mile 11: The switchbacks began... yes... the switchbacks for the next 2 miles we could hear the music and smellllll the nummy food... we also slowed down considerably from a 9 mm to a 10mm. Drat. Mile 12.5: Some dude yells out "only 100 meters left!" We believed him. Bad plan. We started sprinting. 100 meters, MY BUTT. It was closer to .5 mile!!! We were DEAD at the finish line. Sprinting for that long (well, our sprint consistently slowed as we ran farther... and farther... and farther...)? Makes someone tiiiiired. Mile 13.1: We're DONE! Finished in 2:08. Good. On. Us. We both felt great and had such a great time! Woo woo!
But, we were even MORE excited to get the pancake breakfast! My little sister Emily and Erin's hubby Ty came to cheer us on to through the finish line. Thanks for the support friends!!!

What a great half. I'm soooo glad we did it Erin, SOOOO glad. I'm thrilled with the prospect of you running the TOU Marathon with me. I'll let you know how the walk/run training goes. We'll have to try it out on the 23rd for our 18 miler. Awwww OUR 18 miler. It brings me joy. yes yes it does. Can't lie, Manda, we missed you terribly. I especially missed you because the course brought back so many memories from the last time we ran it together, I'm glad I now have memories with BOTH of you from the infamous Provo River Half. MUAH!

We run HALFS because we can....

This was the theme of today...I loved this race- AMANDA put it on your calender now for next year...there will be no excuses! Even though your reasons for not being there today are totally understood and respected- I glad it was a good day for you! LORI and I kept a pace even you could appreciate...and my proudes monent I only walked like a totally of 1/4 mile- normal I probably walk closer to 1- 1 1/2! Lori has all out fun pics so I will let here tell the exciting, funny parts! BUT I just had to say...WHAT A GREAT RACE! YES truly my arm pits where that sweaty

Friday, August 8, 2008


...since Amanda got to announce when her period started the day before the marathon its now my turn to let out a loud shout out...I AM A WOMAN!! Not only do I feel like someone is grabbing my bones and crushing every single one of them with intense focus on my older back- I am sad!
We will see how tomorrow turns out....GOOD LUCK LORI!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Motivation For Pictures

One time only Manda, I'm giving you an opportunity... yes yes a way for you to get pictures during the half marathon... :) You can come up with certain things you want us to do at certain mile markers and we'll take pictures and send them to you.... you can be as creative or dull as you want. ;) You can even outline a plan for us for the half. (silly topics to talk about at certain mile markers) Per each picture/task we successfully do....hmm... I'll have to think about the reward.

What do you think? You up for it?