Thursday, September 4, 2008

Declaration of Running for Running

Preamble of declaration: SAFETY

Lady's! Lori and I had a intense conversation about running safety and being accountable while we are running on our own. The bases of our conversation can be summed up in three points: (1) Since the weather is changing and we all love our fall it means the easy summer mornings of running when its light outside is over for yet another year. (2)Especially now that all our lives/scheduled and where we live is changing. (3)Have you tried to tell your husband where you are going when they are half asleep and have no reason to be awake until its too late? Well, it doesn't work out great if you have given it a try. So because of these three reason, we are going to use the buddy system the night before your lonely workout, either call, text or post if you plan on running in the morning and when you will be back. Then when you return call, text, post (whatever form of communication you have chosen from the night before) and simply say "I AM ALIVE"...if you forget to notify the others- it will only happen once because of embarrassment of having the troops called out to find you will help your remember real quick. Obviously the first step would to call the husband of the missing runner and say, "hey remember that hot girl you love and call wife have you seen her?" and then proceed through the appropriate order of finding one another. COOL! Ya I thought so!
I also think after two or more years of running we pretty much know the drill, but lets take a second and formalize our running declaration, by adding amendments through posts.


*I run because my legs and heart are strong enough for me to push through
*I run to be at my psychical best
*I run because it clears my mind and organizes my troubles
*It's not cool to back out of races,(especially when others have already signed up) or training unless a dump truck hits you or something to that affect
*Running is not easy, there may be a million reasons not to go, but the feeling of and satisfaction upon completion out weighs every single one of those reasons
*Never walk longer than a minute
*Push through hills, and then they are over


Lori said...

a dump truck? LOL niiice Erin, niiice.

i like our new buddy system. i think it'll be perfect in keeping us safe. we came up with some pretty wacked scenarios tonight of how our husbands would/wouldn't find us... so i'm glad that we'll have a system to make sure we're all safe in the dark fall/winter months, especially since we're all having solo workouts.

i'm going to work on my ammendments and post them in the morning. i'm still giggling about the dump truck. hee hee.

Amanda said...

Oh how I love this post. Seems like I missed out on a fun conversation. I love the new buddy system and love the ammendments. If Lori gets to add some, do I get to too? :)

Lori said...

Of course, silly. This IS the TRES amigas blog isn't it??

Erin said...

Add away that was the plan...but remember I only run 2 20 milers per year and only for marathon training. I will ratify it!