Sunday, September 7, 2008

Running Through HEL (Huntsville, Eden & Liberty)

Well, well, let me tell you what Erin. You missed out on a classic Mandori* Saturday. Truly, truly, you might have disowned us as friends (til about mile 10 when we started back into “normalcy” again… or was it mile 9? Hmmmm) Nonetheless, I will leave it to Amanda to tell you the brunt of our race, because really, she’s funnier than I am. But, here are my highlights.

This is Jim. The pretty girl to his left is his wife Sue. Sue pretty much ran the entire half toggling us back and forth (in the end she finished about 30 seconds before us). Jim was a rockin’ husband and father, he and his son went to each mile marker to cheer his wife on. This meant that the ENTIRE race he’d be at every mile marker cheering us on (okay, he was really cheering his wife on but he threw us a cheering bone…) AND when he drove to the next mile marker he’d roll down his windows and cheer for us. We liked Jim. So, we asked him if we could take a picture with our cheerleader. He obliged.

Thanks Jim!!!!

Amanda and I are 100% addicted to our blackberries, if ya’ll hadn’t noticed, so it was only appropriate that we started the race blackberry’ing her husband… meaning… we had our blackberries with us the entire 13.1 miles. HAHAHAHA. We just can’t put the dang things down. We had to use them as our watches because I forgot my watch at home. Silly me. Don't you worry though, I got an email whilst running (yes, I read it) and Amanda got a phone call at 12.8 miles that she took. (yup!) We're funny.

The Jeff Galloway method? I think it was perfect for us with this half because.. 1) I was still feeling like CA-RAAP from my nice little infection. Plus, I had just been throwing up three days earlier… slightly low on fuel. 2) Amanda hasn’t run longer than 6 miles in the last two months… and pretty sure she’s only run maybe 10 times since May. Therefore, we were able to finish this race with minimal effort and not kill ourselves. However, I think for the marathon I am going to switch it up slightly. Totally going to do the JG method, but I’m going to push harder for those 4 minutes. If I don’t pick it up the extra 4 minutes I run the same pace PLUS take walk breaks… so my 9:30 mm turns into an 10:30/11:00mm which by mile 24 is going to be a 13mm…. so… that’s my thought. I figure if I can bust out the first 16 miles of the marathon I won’t be THAT far off my goal. We’ll see… really, it’s about finishing, right? Right? Keep reminding me of that friends.

New subject, oh, wait, previous subject. Tee hee. Tanget Queen, that’s me. Focus back on running through HEL. The course was GORGEOUS, flat, and soooo random (Manda has pictures) and they were kinda funny water stops. The WSU track team made me giggle…never felt more like a slug in my entire life. Listened to a dude talk to his running partner about how the bible doesn’t have any proof that salvation requires baptism. Hmmmm.

Manda’s hot.

(No, really, she was hot. She'd just taken her long sleeve off)

Manda’s ALWAYS faster than me, even with walking breaks. Yes, this is a walk break.. and she’s what 20 meters ahead? Dang her and her genetics.

But, really, here we go. Erin we’ve told you about him… but here he is. Mr. Underwear Man:
He’s ran both Ogden Marathons with me and was in another random Ogden race too. Always wears this same outfit. What you say? Boxers and a wife beater? Why, yes, that’s what I thought too….but he got up close to me at one point during the race and those shorts really ARE running shorts (what a let down) but it is a 100% wife beater. That didn’t stop me from singing this is in my head everytime I saw him (tuned to Spiderman..)

“Underwearman, Underwearman wears his panties cause that’s what Underwearman does…”
This biggest highlight, however, was running a race with YOU manda. I feel really blessed that I've been able to run a race with each of you, by ourselves, this summer. Erin, because we've never done it! A first memory!! Amanda, it’s been a long time and I loved every second. I especially liked how the race ended. We made each other say 5 things we liked about ourselves and talk about it and then gave each other pep talks. Very happy way to end the race. It was nice to run a race when our lives are pretty even-keeled. YAY! (yes, we're THAT cool...)
Good times, folks. Get excited for Amanda’s post. I’m pretty much waiting with baited breath. Just start laughing now…..

*Mandori's definition: Manda/Lori moments that really no one else would be able to fabricate.


Amanda said...

Those are running shorts????!!!!!! Nuh uh! That almost makes it funnier. Who buys running shorts that look like boxers? Oh how I love runners. I loved this run. It was most definitely good times. Though next time they should leave the real runners out of it. ;)

Erin said...

Wow..underware man yes, yes I have been missing something- I like how when you and manda finish a race you always top it off with a rocker picture :)