Thursday, September 18, 2008

My visualization exercise.

Yup. It's here friends. The big marathon. The SOLO marathon. Here's my game plan, you excited?

Mile 1: Rock on. A mile, did it in 9 flat. Woo Woo, I'm a rock star

Mile 2: Down hill ROCKS! That was eeeeasy

Mile 3: Dooo Doooo dooo.... (sung, of course)

Mile 3.1: Yesss a 5k... under 30 min, awesome!

Mile 4: Wow. This is great.

Mile 5: Hi brown cow.

Mile 6: Where's the timer thing?

Mile 6.2: Oh, there it is... my rockin' support group will get their text messages. I'm feeling GREAT.

Mile 7: This is cake.

Mile 8: Rock on, we are still in the canyon. I love mountain running.

Mile 9: Already mile 9? My legs are feeling awesome!

Mile 10: Yesss! Double digits. Could this race BE any better?

Mile 11: I heart Jeff Galloway.

Mile 12: Drat, the canyon running is almost over. But that means we get to be cheered on by random peeps.

Mile 13: Good thing I like people cheering. I wonder if I'll recognize Mel.

Mile 13.1: Giggle Giggle, I just ran a half marathon and I feel AWESOME. Text messages sent, yesss.

Mile 14: Just passed "half way" woo woo

Mile 15: Completely out of the canyon, it's getting hotter, but I'm totally channeling my inner Sue Ann.

Mile 16: Channeling my inner Amanda. I feel awesome.

Mile 17: Walk breaks are my friends, but I still feel good. Yes Yes I do.

Mile 18: Oh look the switchback Erin told me about. Mental note, I will see this mile marker again at mile 20. Don't let it deflate me. Feeling good. Loving the walk breaks.

Mile 19: Yessss only one more mile and I get to run with Amanda. I can totally push through this mile.

Mile 20: HI FRIEND. Oh, hi friend. Oh, hi. Oh... look there is the 18 miler mark. Moving on....

Mile 21: Only 5 miles left! I can do this!!!!!

Mile 22: My legs are tired, but strong. The walk breaks are helping and I'm able to keep running the full 4 minutes.

Mile 23: Almost there, only a 5k + .1 left. I can do this, I AM doing this! I am tired but feeling good, good spirits.

Mile 24: Okay. Two more miles? Good thing Amanda is telling me about last nights baby shower cause I can't talk anymore. Still feel good.

Mile 25: Only 1 mile left. YESSSSSSSSSSSS.

Mile 26: Thank heavens, I can see the finish line! Bye friend! See you at the finish line!!!

Mile 26.2: Skip across the finish line... feeling GREAT and HAPPY!!!!!

WOO WOO!!! Chat with ya'll after the marathon!!! WISH ME LUCK!


Heidi said...

Good luck! I know you'll do awesome!!!

Mel said...

Good luck! I would love it if I recognized you but the chances of that are slim with all the runners! Look Pretty, Run Nasty reminds me of the Friends episode where Phoebe runs through the park. So.... if I see a woman running "nasty" like that I will probably assume it is you;) Just kidding.

However, I would like to know how you came up with the title of this blog?

Get some sleep!

Erin said...

Good Luck...even though your done now. YEAH