Thursday, August 26, 2010

stinking guts

So my guts are still full of infection I have been going in every two-three weeks since June and I either get a whole new set of meds or they add to the combination of meds they already have established- bottom line is running long distances isn't happening. So last night I came up with a new plan.....operation 5k! My work has a 5k at the end of september and the ladies in my hood always run the BYU alumi 5k in October. So I am going to train for them (yes a 5K) I want to be FAST...we are talking Amanda style fast! (well maybe not that fast I naturally don't carry those skills). I will probably run my work one with Hayden so my goal 27 minutes and for the BYU 5k I am thinking 24 minutes 23 minutes if I am lucky :) silly goals I know but I got to have something as a goal besides laying a solid duce! yep I did say for the enitre internet world to here

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Very Excited

I have taken a complete month off of running, off of any sort of impact on my knee, and off of any therapeutic pavement pounding mornings. Quite sad, but the good news is I can now TRY to run again. Once I rebound from this fun little sickness and my lungs choose to be able to breathe again, I'm at it.

So excited I can hardly wait. I don't even care that the humidity is hovering 90% and I'll probably look like I just took a shower. Nope, don't care even a smidge.

The countdown is on.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Summer is coming to a end, 
I can tell in the morning the air is cooler, the shadows are growing longer, the sun is still waking. 
Its sad saying good bye to a friend I have enjoyed so much this summer.  
But nothing compares to quite fall mornings, breathing in crisp clean air and crunching leaves under my feet  Really, could it be almost  be here?  Is it just around the corner?
I LOVE fall running!