Saturday, April 25, 2009

You guys totally missed out.

It was our favorite type of running weather this morning. Well at first at least. It was a gorgeous cool morning. The mountains were covered in clouds from time to time and everything was SUPER green. Oh it was sooo beautiful. Then add to that the temperature was perfect for running! I loved it. Even though I was soaking from the rain by the end, it felt soooo good. Well I was solo today (which btw is going to be the norm WAY too soon) and knew I needed to get 6 in. Being a gluten for punishment I decided to run the WRC 10k course. Like Lor mentioned the Ragnar Relay is coming up soon and so hills and I must become friends. Hence choosing a super hilly course. I started out feeling strong. Since getting super sick a couple of weeks ago, I haven't really run much, so this was my first long run in a while and I was excited that I felt so good. Well about 2 miles in the nausea set in. Awesome. Only 4 more miles and 5 million hills left. Fun. For. Me. I totally missed you guys helping push me along. It really is amazing how much having someone to run with helps. I am beginning to realize how imperative it's going to be for me to find someone to run with once Lor leaves. Along that note though I kept telling my body that if this were a race and there were people around I would be able to keep running so I just kept pushing. By the time I finished I really felt sick to my stomach, but I was pleased with myself because I had done it, done it in a decent time, and had run 90% of the hills! Go team! So overall it was a good run, it just made me miss you guys!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

...and so it begins....

My tri went well last Saturday, I loved every second. With my tri ending my half marathon training and Ragnar Relay training has officially begun. I'm runner 10 and get to run the last 4 miles of the Ragnar. Yummm.

Which means I need to start doing some serious hill workouts. This morning Manda and I did hill sprint repeats with a mile cool down. 30th street you kill me. Oh hills... I have a forever love/hate realtionship with you. I love the burn, yet I hate the burn. I love the crest where you know you're almost ready to run downhill, but that cresting also seems to last forever and the downhill never comes. I know hills asre 99.9% mental and I'm hoping to whip my brain into shape over the next 7 weeks.

It was a great workout and I even spanked Amanda up the hill twice. Yes that's right, I beat her! Too bad all that did was fuel her to KILL me for the rest of the workout. Awww such fun. So, welcome us back to the land of race training and the land of blogging. Tis going to be fabulous!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

The end of a run theory

I am always amazed and displeased at the fact no matter how far the distance of a run the last little bet is always a push. If the run is 5 miles the last quarter mile is a struggle. If the run is 15 miles (depending on the day) the last mile is a stretch. See the pattern. Whatever the distance is that I program my mind to do, the finial stretch is always a feat of endurance. For so long all I had told myself is; "I just need to make it to third week in April, and then things will be easy." Well here I am and I find myself looking at the next month the same way I do when running the last mile of whatever the distance might be. I therefore have now titled this pattern: the end of the run theory- Think I can get a noble prize for my discovery in the world of emotional science?