Tuesday, April 21, 2009

...and so it begins....

My tri went well last Saturday, I loved every second. With my tri ending my half marathon training and Ragnar Relay training has officially begun. I'm runner 10 and get to run the last 4 miles of the Ragnar. Yummm.

Which means I need to start doing some serious hill workouts. This morning Manda and I did hill sprint repeats with a mile cool down. 30th street you kill me. Oh hills... I have a forever love/hate realtionship with you. I love the burn, yet I hate the burn. I love the crest where you know you're almost ready to run downhill, but that cresting also seems to last forever and the downhill never comes. I know hills asre 99.9% mental and I'm hoping to whip my brain into shape over the next 7 weeks.

It was a great workout and I even spanked Amanda up the hill twice. Yes that's right, I beat her! Too bad all that did was fuel her to KILL me for the rest of the workout. Awww such fun. So, welcome us back to the land of race training and the land of blogging. Tis going to be fabulous!!!


Erin said...

way to go for beating manda- I am sure she came out fighting :) oh I love hills

Amanda said...

heck yes baby! and I was totally impressed with how badly you beat me those first couple of times. way to be!