Friday, April 10, 2009

The end of a run theory

I am always amazed and displeased at the fact no matter how far the distance of a run the last little bet is always a push. If the run is 5 miles the last quarter mile is a struggle. If the run is 15 miles (depending on the day) the last mile is a stretch. See the pattern. Whatever the distance is that I program my mind to do, the finial stretch is always a feat of endurance. For so long all I had told myself is; "I just need to make it to third week in April, and then things will be easy." Well here I am and I find myself looking at the next month the same way I do when running the last mile of whatever the distance might be. I therefore have now titled this pattern: the end of the run theory- Think I can get a noble prize for my discovery in the world of emotional science?

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Lori said...

i've often wondered why that is. amanda and i chat about that a lot too. why during a half marathon a 10k is nothing but then during a 10k we're dying the last mile? goes to show a lot about your strength comes from the head and the heart, not the body.

good luck the next two weeks Erin!