Tuesday, April 27, 2010

sight for sore eyes

in case you ladies forgot what i look like while training for Ragnar.....

Friday, April 9, 2010

it happened to me

So Tuesday morning I ran 7 with one of my neighbor friends training for the Utah Valley Marathon. As I was walking out the door last night, I decided to grab my phone, I never run with my phone but thought. Its early and 7 miles is kind of a long time if Ty needs me. And off we went. Then mid morning I went to grab my phone, and the pocket I put it in was unzipped and surprise no phone! I finished  feeding Hayden and decided I would have to go run/drive the entire run all over again. There is no way I would find my phone just from the car, and it was cold so I would need to leave Hayden in the car...14 miles in one day Tally-ho! Within minutes I got a gmail chat message from Ty that read: "Air you there, someone just called Brad, said they found your phone, did you go somewhere? did you take it running?" AMEN to honest good people! They saved my a ton of effort, time and potentially a new phone! I fellow runner found it, a sweet girl from that running bunch I was suppose to run with last summer- such a small world :)

And if this story has you bitting at the bit- check out my blog for the post about how I left my purse in the shopping cart in Wal-marts parking lot, with $150.00 in cash, $25.00 check and Ty and mine ss cards (needed to make copies of and forgot to take them out the day before)....not to mention it was a way cute purse and I had just gotten a new fossil wallet :) the next day!

I have lost my mind! Don't trust me with anything of value, its a miracle Hayden has survived!