Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Feeble Attempt at a Long Run

I set out on Saturday morning do accomplish two things

1) run 6 miles
2) hill train

there are some nasty inclines right around Emory's campus so I thought I'd go that way and just push myself as hard as I could.  seriously, ladies, there is one hill that is a mile long.  it's a killer.

run started out like this:


but I made it to the top without stopping, go me.

then I ran for about 3 more miles and was too focused on trying to keep a good tempo and push up hills that i didn't stop and take pictures for you two.


i came to my new favorite running place.  it's the closest place i've found that reminds me of our trails.

check it.
leads to this
leads to this
ahhhh.  fantastic.

the funniest part is about 3 minutes after the trail you come out on cement and BAM you're in the city again. ahhhh cities.

about 10 minutes later this happened.

what? what's that lor?  oh that's me limping.  my knee totally gave out, it was ridiculous.  so I had to do intervals of walking, running, stretching to make it the last mile and a half.  i was super discouraged by the time i came home.  it still hurts. boo.  i'm hoping my fall a few weeks ago didn't pop open the hole in my cartilage.

nonetheless, it was a beautiful run.  one i'm taking you on if either of you ever make it out my way!