Thursday, January 3, 2008

Meet Erin

Hi! I’m Erin. I have been married to my cute husband, Ty, since December of 2005, and I become a better person each day I spend with him. We have a two year old pup, Allie, who runs our house and is my very best friend. Currently I am working on a Master's in Social Work at Brigham Young University and will be graduating Spring of 2009. I am having difficulty narrowing my career ambitions to a set population or specific area of therapy, but have many interests and am excited to set sail.

The only hobby I have at the current moment is TIME MANAGEMENT, I practice it, create new ways to be effective with my time, and think about it every day. One day I would love to be creative with decor in my home. I’d love to be able to taste food and say, "I think this needs some more ginger," and then just add as much as I feel appropriate without measuring. Yes, these would be two hobbies I could pick up at anytime.

Traveling could easily drain my savings and destroy my livelihood if I ever allowed myself to indulge in the amazing places I would love to stand in. My anthem for life is simple: Live it and enjoy it! I truly believe if I am doing the best I can with what I have today, there will be no reason I won't have everything I want in the future. However, don't get confused, this doesn't mean I don't worry all the time about where my "plans" are going. After all I am a RUNNER and we all know we run a little as a way to self-medicate, reduce anxiety and tension. When I am running early in the morning and the moon is hanging low in the sky, I know its hanging just for me. Or when I am high on a peak and looking over the valley I live, I know I have a place in the world. I am amazed at the adventures I can have when my body is healthy and physically strong.

My goals for the next little while are kind of in limbo, My husband and I are pregnant with our first baby (that may or may not make this world a better place). So my goals are centered around being healthy and active in my pregnancy. I will be doing research on what to eat, how to exercise while pregnant, and help you figure out your level of fitness. After the baby is born, I plan on running the St. George Marathon, October of 2009.

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