Thursday, August 26, 2010

stinking guts

So my guts are still full of infection I have been going in every two-three weeks since June and I either get a whole new set of meds or they add to the combination of meds they already have established- bottom line is running long distances isn't happening. So last night I came up with a new plan.....operation 5k! My work has a 5k at the end of september and the ladies in my hood always run the BYU alumi 5k in October. So I am going to train for them (yes a 5K) I want to be FAST...we are talking Amanda style fast! (well maybe not that fast I naturally don't carry those skills). I will probably run my work one with Hayden so my goal 27 minutes and for the BYU 5k I am thinking 24 minutes 23 minutes if I am lucky :) silly goals I know but I got to have something as a goal besides laying a solid duce! yep I did say for the enitre internet world to here


Lori said...

poor erin's guts. you should call me and fill me in since i haven't talked you about it in a month or so.

so happy you said "solid duce" on the internet. pretty much made my day.

i think you'll rock a 5k. we can't all be amanda, but i know you have Erin speed we all haven't seen yet! good luck!

Erin said...

well friend you will have to call me I broke my phone and lost all my numbers :0