Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Started Running Again

No Connor isn't sleeping through the night yet.  In fact, he still wakes up more than once most nights despite my best 'you-have-got-to-get-on-a-routine' techniques.  But I have been dying to get back out there.  These past couple of months have left me feeling unstable for reasons you're both aware of and all I could keep thinking was, "I NEED a good run."  So yesterday morning I decided I was back in the game.  I'm already exhausted so why not?  I went yesterday and this morning.  It felt amazing.  I am so.dang.tired. but it's totally been worth it.  I suddenly feel like Lori.  No sleep and still functioning.  It must come with having more than one kid.  Well at least it did for me....I'm always trying to be like you Lor!  And I was even chipper in your honor yesterday Erin.  Man I miss you guys.


Lori said...

awww i miss you too. and i miss Erin. why must we have to wait an entire YEAR to run together again? i mean, REALLY.

i'm glad to hear running was good for your soul. it's amazing how that works, eh? i'm proud of you for channeling your inner lori and living on no sleep. you earn a gold star.

Erin said...

MISS YOU TOO in big capital letters, way to get back out sleep is no fun (unless you are Lori and then its just life)!

karic said...

You are so freaking cool! I think I may take up running to lose the baby weight after preggo-ness. I'm so excited that I have such an awesome rol model! YOU ROCK!