Monday, September 1, 2008

hi friends

i never got around to blogging about our long run Erin... it was fabulous. thank you for being my therapist. i took a lot of what you said to heart and tried to apply it. you're going to be an excellent therapist, i hope you know that! i loved running in uintah (despite the ONE gory hill), i loved each time my watch beeped you'd say "ahh hell," i loved that starbucks gave us free cold water..yumm... and i especially loved that we went into smiths. haha. thanks for sharing that long run with me erin, it meant a lot.

this week's long run was pretty darn awesome. i ran up in the mountains (8000 feet ladies... your lungs DIIIEEEE) and was able to clear my head. what is it about the mountains? nature? i don't know but it's so much easier to open up my heart when i'm out away from it all. i was able to work through the crap i've talked to you both about and feel like i'm on the right track. i feel emotionally ready for the marathon, even if i don't feel quite positive about how physically ready i am to tackle the marathon. but, as we know, running is 90% mental 10% physical... so...hopefully that bodes well for me. :) i'm beyond excited that the weather has started to turn colder...yes yes i am. that means that the marathon MIGHT be manageable weather. yessssss. no sunburn or heat exhaustion. i'm ALL about that.

this week is going to be pretty chill in the running department. tomorrow morning manda and i are going to run 3-4 miles, on thursday morning i'm doing a speed workout and then running the Huntsville Half Marathon on Saturday with Alli and Amanda. should be good times had by all. what are your plans this week, friends?

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Erin said...

Your too cute...I am glad you are able to work through all that is going on! I am excited for your RACE what a champ