Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lonely, Oh So Lonely

So friends, I must say I'm no good on my own. I don't know how you two have done it. This weekend with Lor out of town, I had this great plan of running 8 miles on my own on Saturday....or not. I didn't even wake up until 7:00 and I had to be back by 8:00 because Jared had a class to teach that morning. :p I got out the door by 7:30, so I knew I only had time for 3 miles. Grrrrr. Almost 8 eh? So I ran the 3 mile loop from my house, and thanks to running with Lor and Sueann this summer I even ran all the hills. Woowoo! It was a good run, just not as long as I wanted. :( Although, let me tell you what....half of the histroic district is for sale. Oooo! We have to run it again so that I can show you all of the houses I've picked out for us. Sigh. Yes I love those houses.
So tomorrow, I'm going to try again. It's supposed to be cold and rainy. Yesssss. I love this kind of weather for running! I think it might just be my motivation for tomorrow. Run with a hoodie, then come home and have hot chocolate. Anyone up for joining me? Blast. On my own again. ;)


Lori said...

Way to run the hills friend!! Good luck tomorrow, I hope it goes well! Sorry I had to jump ship. If for some reason I'm up at 6 i'll call you out of bed. :)this is getting rather ridiculous, the inability to workout together.. Grrr.

Good luck in the morning!! you can do it!!!!!

Erin said...

Wow friend updated family blog and posted on running way :) Yes, Yes I do know the feeling of not getting as far as you want- but at least you ran! can't wait to see the houses, at least the market is sucking enough by the time I get up there to run they will still be for sale:)