Friday, August 15, 2008

18 miles. Tomorrow.

Well, so far I've decided to go forward with the TOU Marathon. Eeeeeeeeeeep. Wish I was better prepared, yes that would be nice. According to my training schedule I'm supposed to be running 18 miles in the morning. I called Sue Ann to see if she wanted to run the last 8 with me... nope... she has a really busy Saturday and is just going to fit a run in.. she's not sure what time. CRAP. So.... my plan is to run the old Ogden route and hope that I can do okay, not dying on the way back home. I'm also going to do it the Jeff Galloway way... and bring my ipod.. too much in my head right now that I don't actually WANT to sort through on the long run. So, I think tonight my goal is to create another playlist... yes yes... that would be good. Stay tuned to see how tomorrow pans out. This will officially be the longest distance I've ever run BY MYSELF. Scarrrry!


Erin said...

...I am so proud of you- good luck that will be hard! Stick to it and don't let "the cut off a few miles ERIN" sneak into your head. Just remember you are LORI and have the resource of relying on your super "FINISH every run LORI a.k.a Captain"
P.S I am thinking 10 will be nice so that I will be able to run with you next week...and remember you have already trained better for the TOU than I have ever trained for a marathon...GOOD LUCK CAPTAIN

Mel said...

Good for you! Gosh, my neighbor is running 19 miles by herself tomorrow too! I wish I was up that far in mileage.... I'm going to run a measly 10.