Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Speed training TUESDAY and other thoughts

...for the love! My passion for speed training is a sick twisted love affair...I love pushing myself and feeling like I am really moving...I hate the effort involved and despise sometimes feel like a ton of bricks. As a side note I am always amazed at how the Olympic Athletes can make a 5:30 marathon pace look like my twelve minute pace, I have no idea where the speed comes from! To stop for a moment of reflection- I have really enjoyed the running aspects of this summer, I have realize part of that is maybe because this is the first time in the last 7 years I have just been able to run for me. This is the first time I am not running with alternative motives such as: Losing weight, trying to get a boy to like me, or the most recent reasons of the last 2 years TRAINING for something. Indeed this summer has been about maintaining, and enjoying my healthy body and finding peace in my morning before the day begins. I am running twice a week with a cute girl in my ward (AMANDA be ready I think this girl can has some serious speed to contend with. Today was her first speed training with me and after a week of no running. The girl total pulled a 8 minute mile after a two mile nine minute mile tempo run). I am glad to have running company but miss you guys all at the same time.


Lori said...

Yay for speed training! I actually really miss it, way to be friend!

Amanda said...

Way to be Erin! I don't think I could pull an 8 min pace after 2 9 min miles right now. I REALLY need to get back to working out. My body is getting LAZY.