Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mission Impossible--Apparently, Possible!

I really didn't think I could do it. Even though I've been running for almost 5 years now the longest run I've EVER done by myself (without running partners or the help of a race atmosphere) was about 12 miles. I was really really really nervous about actually doing it. I had running dreams all night, no joke. I woke up and it took me 25 minutes to convince my body that it DID want to get up and it DID want to go running. I took Erin's advice and chose to do a route that FORCED me into it. About 9 miles I realized that I truly HAD tricked myself... when I stopped in North Ogden for a potty stop I was seriously bummed that I had to run all the way back to Ogden (and up the [enter curse words here] hills). If I had been in place to jump ship, that's when it would have happened. The last 6-7 miles were torture... really the last 3. When I finally crested on 2oth and realized that I only had 3 miles left I thought "totally easy..." but my legs were dead, I had no one to talk to, and my music was only doing sooo much. But I DID it! It took me longer than anticipated, but I DID IT. Amanda, thanks for being my BB buddy during my walk breaks. It helped SO much to be able to talk to someone. I really appreciated the encouragement.

Jeff Galloway's method, btw, ROCKS. The first 13 miles were CAKE. No joke. If I can feel that good after running 13 miles again, sign me up! I think the reason that I was struggling with his method towards the end is that my mileage this summer hasn't been much above 12. Fun. fun.

Oh, friends, I DID IT!!!!! Now I'm not as scared about running the marathon all by myself.
Woo woo!!


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Lori said...

I KNOW!!!!

Mel said...

Great job! I need to search out the Jeff Galloway method 'cause I'm so new and not familiar with it. It's amazing to me that you can run so far!

Kristin said...

And now I found your running blog and that is super cool too. Now I will stalk your running progress!!! :-) Good job yesterday. I can only imagine how hard it was to do that alone!!