Saturday, August 9, 2008

Provo River Half

What a great race! Erin and I had such a fun time running and both of us felt great and truly enjoyed ourselves. We were even shocked to find out that we pushed ourselves and did well! We channelled our inner Sue Ann and Amanda and were able to 1) keep a steady pace 2) not walk and 3) push it the last mile. Manda, you added a fun element to our half by providing us silly tasks to do along the half, it kept us highly entertained--thank you!
The highlights:
Our race weekend started out with a nice little sleepover at Erin's. Thanks for opening up your house, friend! We chilled, ate ice cream (yes, it IS good pre-half marathon food...hee hee) and watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. I enjoyed getting to know Ty better and seeing E's uber cute house.
Starting line. Relatively disorganized and SMALL. There were thousands of runners and we were all funnelled into a small parking lot entrance for the beginning. Due to Erin's finagling we snuck up to the front. Just like last time, they gave us no notice of starting, all the sudden a gun went off and THERE YOU GO!

Mile 3: We started getting reallllly worried. We hadn't seen a water station yet (ps, we did the first 3 miles in 25 minutes). Mile 3.5: even more concerned. Mile 4: THANKFUL for the water station.
Mile 6: Amanda's instructions were to stretch with the splits at mile 6... uhhh... this was as close as we could get:

10k pace, btw, was 54 minutes.
Mile 8: where we realized that we enjoyed running Half Marathons. Thinking about going 5 more miles seemed like NOTHING. That was a gooood feeling.
Mile 9: Amanda's directions were to run around the 9 mile marker in a circle. Hee hee.
Well, look closer... that 9 mile marker? What race are we running again? Oh yah, the Provo Half NOT the Moab Half. Tee hee. I'm glad they share... they're friends. :)
Mile 11: The switchbacks began... yes... the switchbacks for the next 2 miles we could hear the music and smellllll the nummy food... we also slowed down considerably from a 9 mm to a 10mm. Drat. Mile 12.5: Some dude yells out "only 100 meters left!" We believed him. Bad plan. We started sprinting. 100 meters, MY BUTT. It was closer to .5 mile!!! We were DEAD at the finish line. Sprinting for that long (well, our sprint consistently slowed as we ran farther... and farther... and farther...)? Makes someone tiiiiired. Mile 13.1: We're DONE! Finished in 2:08. Good. On. Us. We both felt great and had such a great time! Woo woo!
But, we were even MORE excited to get the pancake breakfast! My little sister Emily and Erin's hubby Ty came to cheer us on to through the finish line. Thanks for the support friends!!!

What a great half. I'm soooo glad we did it Erin, SOOOO glad. I'm thrilled with the prospect of you running the TOU Marathon with me. I'll let you know how the walk/run training goes. We'll have to try it out on the 23rd for our 18 miler. Awwww OUR 18 miler. It brings me joy. yes yes it does. Can't lie, Manda, we missed you terribly. I especially missed you because the course brought back so many memories from the last time we ran it together, I'm glad I now have memories with BOTH of you from the infamous Provo River Half. MUAH!


Amanda said...

I'm so glad you guys had such a great run!!! It looks like it was a great run, Moab half markers and all. Oh the good old Provo River Half. Good job guys! You did awesome!!! I was way sad to miss it!

The Ball Babies said...

Hey, just wanted you to know that I, too, ran the Provo 1/2 on Saturday! I am a newbie to this race and will definitely wear more clothing while I wait for the starting gun (?) to go off. Running skirt + bra + tank top = too cold to stand around for one hour waiting for race to begin! Yes, I.was.freezing. I knew NO ONE! It was definitely a growing experience for me! I loved the views! Spectacular - especially the cows that kept mooing in the pretty little meadow at about mile 2 1/2.

I'm impressed with your pictures, gals! Where did you stash your camera?? You look like you had a ton of fun! Thanks for the fun post! (love this blog, btw!)