Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mel, Megan and others running the TOU

We've decided not to run the TOU half this Saturday. Sad. Personally, I was looking forward to possibly meeting you Mel and of course actually SEEING you Megan! I really need to get a 20 miler in and we're both trying to conserve our cash... so... driving up to Logan and paying for registration just threw us out this time. :(

Good luck to you ladies! We want to hear all about it. Maybe a guest post? Yessssss I like that idea. :)


Mel said...

Ah, that's too bad!

A couple of my friends are running the Marathon and they decided to run the HALF as well. I wondered how that would fit into the training schedule.... maybe not so well?

I'll think of you doing your 20 miles while I'm running the half;) I've only been training for this specifically for one month. I am really nervous but I will let you know how it goes.

Megan said...

So I really ought to put this blog on my blog list so I will check it more regularly cause I love it. And I even got a shout out in a post! Saweet! Too bad I didn't read it sonner...

I am sad you didn't do the race. It would be nice to see you after all this blog stalking on my behalf :) It was such a beautiful day and a nice run. I thought of you as I crossed the finish line cause I couldn't even imagine running another 7 miles (could have been the blisters). You ladies amaze me!

And I have always wanted to ask Erin where she goes running cause I live in Lehi and I need some new routes.