Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Proof That I'm not ALWAYS a morning person (and slight insight into Mandori)

5:48 am (we're supposed to meet at 6am)
Our text conversation:
Amanda: You up friend?
Lori: I accidentally turned my alarm off, just waking up.
Amanda: Oh good
Lori: Just trying to convince my body to roll out of bed
Amanda: I am too
Lori: That's not good =D
Amanda: What time did you finally fall asleep?
Lori: 130ish
Amanda: That sucks. I'm sorry
Lori: Ehhh
Lori: How was max?
Amanda: He's still asleep

[banter about Amanda's cute boy for roughly 4 minutes... stalling... stalling...]

Lori: Okay, we need to get out of bed friend, I'm starting to fall back asleep
Amanda: Ehh ;)
Lori: Ok,
Lori: 1
Amanda: 2
Lori: 2.5
Amanda: Hey, You cheated
Lori: 2.7
Amanda: 2.75
Lori: 2.8
Amanda: 2.9
Lori: 2.91
Amanda: ZZZZZZ
Lori: Mmmmm
Lori: Ok ok ok, 3
Amanda: Did you get up?
Lori: Yup, Standing
Amanda: Good job!

We ended up making it to the gym for speed training at 6:23.. only 23 minutes late. Oye. (read Manda's account below)

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