Friday, October 24, 2008

My favorite runs

Oh the joys of cold season! Of course the cold bug came to vacation in my head this Wednesday- and lucky me he was kind of enough to interrupt midterms, so as I sit here today in my sex therapy class snuffling, and sneezing. Day dreaming about how now that my tests are done and done well :) I just want to go for a long hard run...and since that won't be happening for several reasons. I wanted to take the moment to reminisce

1. The snowball fight run through WSU campus last winter
2. The fall run were we found the kitten and the moon had that cool ring around it
3. The run the day before the Ogden Half 07
4. Summer running when its light at 5:30 in the morning (I couldn't narrow those down)
5. The, "lets start running at the light pole" but then we end up walking the majority of the run
6. The run in the fall of 06 where it rained the entire time and we were soaked but still found the spirit to run up Marlyn
7. ALL THE TRAIL RUNS- but specially the run this summer with Sue Ann. P.S Manda I think that was my only run with you this summer
8. The first 20 mile run this last spring
9. Any run that has ends with hot chocolate
10. Any run along Washington with all the really great smells


Lori said...

oh i love this list. LOVE it. i had totally forgotten about our snowball fight last winter. haha. we're funny.

i like this idea. i'm going to write my own list, yes yes i am.

miss you girl!

Amanda said...

Oh this was a way fun list. I miss running all together. Come back Erin!