Thursday, November 27, 2008

Boo-ya Thanksgiving Challenge Complete!

5 miler ---errr--- 3.92 miler this morning.

nummy nummy thanksgiving dinner and nummy nummy pie.

4 mile brisk walk with the sisters-in-law.

WHEW. Boo ya. I'm all about it. Not only did I get to eat pie without remorse, but the walk actually woke me up and made my tummy feel better. Let alone my lungs!

Did you finish your challenge?


Erin said...

good job! I laughed a lot that is some form of excerise right?

Megan said...

I am very impressed. Way to go Lori! I really wanted to take part in your challenge - it was a good one. Instead I went on a brisk walk after dinner and then stretched later. Pretty much my motto until the nausea leaves is 'something is better than nothing'. Plus, I feel like it counts because Erin said strecthing counts as exercise now that I am prego. Rrrrright? :)