Monday, December 1, 2008

Hi again, weekly wrap-up

Well friends, it's weigh in time again. Haha. Seeing as though I gained 4 lbs last week I'm going to take this weeks 2 lbs loss as an eehhhhhh. I'm grateful I didn't gain any more weight, but I'm sure my over indulgence this weekend didn't help.

My Thanksgiving workout was really great. The ORMC run in the morning is always fabulous. I can't believe it was our 4th year. Each year it seemed one of us was struggling with getting pregnant/not getting pregnant/miscarrying/recovering from a traumatic birth... so this year? It was heaven. We ran and were happy with no major emotional trauma. Yay for that!

After Thanksgiving dinner, which rocked, I went for a power walk with my sisters-in-law. It was freezing and I was in my Father-in-laws huge coat, but I loved it. Made my stomach settle and made that pumpkin pie I ate taste even more delicious. My sister-in-law made a RAW pumpkin pie... I know what you're thinking cause I thought the same thing... but it was GOOOD. The crust was made out of crushed almonds. MUCH better for you than the traditional pumpkin pie. I'll get the recipe and post it. I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend also.

So, some bad news bears. Van and I are having to scale back a little bit financially and Basics is unfortunately the first thing to go. I won't be going to Basics at least until January, but maybe February and maybe not ever again... sad I know. Since we already have a gym membership it seemed silly to have both of us going to Basics. Don't you worry, they post their workouts online and you better believe I'll still be doing them every Monday and Wednesday... except today... haha. I had this awful horrid nightmare that woke me up and has had be running around my house like a maniac ever since... oh my.

This weeks workout schedule is a titch different. Get excited. I'll be posting from the vacay with pictures, oh yes.

Monday: Pilates/3 miler
Tuesday: Lifting and cardio with Manda/ Swimming in the pool with my kids
Wednesday: Destination 3 miler and arms
Thursday: Destination 30 minute bike ride
Friday: Destination 3 miler and legs
Saturday: Off playing with the kids on the beach (that counts as cardio, right?)

Goals for this week:
  • Drink lots and lots and lots of water! Stay away from the diet coke!
  • Only one treat a day
  • Enjoy my vacation.

P.S. I scored some FREE workout clothes this weekend. You better believe that I grabbed some extra to give away on our blog here. Be looking for that coming up soon!

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