Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Don't underestimate the power of stretching

On monday I went into to front office to gather my schedule and charts for the patients I was going to be seeing. On the top of my patient files was a Fit Pregnancy magazine, I laughed and asked the sectaries if they were trying to drop a hint! Needless to say I have enjoyed reading it. I have been wanting to find more information on stretching and what stretching to do, and behold on page 22 was a little right up on how stretching can prevent preeclampsia and other unwanted stress on the body during pregnancy. A study done at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill conducted a little study, and found stretching to be just as beneficial as walking, and in some ways more healthy for the mom and baby. So with the winter days ahead. Don't feel bad if taking a stroll, jog or braving it by driving to the gym is going to happen take time to STRETCH! Check out Fit Pregnancy online for other ideas



Lori said...

See? I TOLD you it was important to stretch!!!! ;) thanks for the article!

Lori said...

Megan and Martha who read our blog are both pregnant. I think you three should chat. I'm gonna email you their emails and maybe you guys can set up some kind of system for this blog. Yes, i like that idea.

ps. Martha, after reading this? totally spent time online trying to find Prenatal Yoga places in Philly. Very good post, friend!