Friday, November 21, 2008

Pump it Up!

So like Lori my week has been a little crazier than usual- so I apologize for the lat post! I am so excited to report I have had four good days in a row :) this is an all time record for me...hopefully tomorrow will make five! Unfortunately school always puts a damper on exercising and now that I am away from Amanda and Lori and getting up at 5:30 just doesn't happen on my own. But I have been able to get my workouts in, as long as I make it to power pump tomorrow at the gym. One of my best friends from high school teaches several class for Gold's and after having a long talk with her about how I have the hardest time lifting alone because I feel self conscious and never know what to do or if I am doing it right. She told me to go to the Power Pump (or Body Pump depending on which Golds you go to). She sent me all the information I needed to know about being pregnant- the brochure can be picked up at any front desk. It totally kicked my butt but let me tell you how good it feels to be sore and know my muscles are working!

Just some tips to remember- resistant training when approved by your Doctor for you fitness level can be a great way to help your body stay strong and support your growing belly during pregnancy and help make labor easier (if that is possible). However there are important things to keep in mind like: (1)Making sure you've given yourself a stronger base of support by standing with your feet slightly wider apart to allow for your new center of gravity. (2) The pregnancy hormone relaxin is acting to soften all your connective tissue, so don't put strain on your joints by using excessive RCM. (3) Keep the trunk of your body upright- don't lean back. Engage the ads to support the pelvis and avoid over-extending the lower back.

Good luck see you all next week!

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