Friday, November 21, 2008


Hey girls I realize its almost a week late, but Ty went out of town this week and took the power cord. So although I had a computer and internet I had no way to use it because the lap top was dead and we haven't yet set up wireless on the desk top (I can assure you it will be done this weekend though) It's crazy to realize how much your life depends on this thing we call the internet! BUT I wanted to thank you both for the great run Saturday- how I love the trails, although they kick my butt they sooth me soul :)


Lori said...

it was soooooo fun Erin! i loved it! lets do it again soon. hey, i have an even better idea, why don't you just move back up? that would solve all the problems! :)

Amanda said...

Oh yes. Do move back up. I like that plan. It was so fun to have you with us again! Oh how we iss you.