Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saturday's RUN


As crazy as it sounds- our 8 1/2 mile run was the most relaxing part of my day! Lori and I started late due to me (surprise)! We set out with the goal of pretending Amanda was with us for speed and SueAnn for endurance... I am proud to report both Amanda and SueAnne would have been proud!! We totally "stuck to the sticking too" clear to the end...even took time for some exploring of the trails and picture taking.

Here is Lori in her thoughtful morning gaze over Ogden on our new found favorite trail... the funny thing is how the sun is rising it makes Lori look like there is light coming from the great ideas she is thinking of :)
And to prove we were both there...

Here is our exploring piece...any idea what this is or does?

Lori thank you for your sweet post and for a wonderful that AMANDA has figured out she is a RUNNER and that she CAN"T go without it- maybe we can have one last LONG run before the end of the summer...maybe your 18 miler :)


Lori said...

ooo, those pictures are not the most attractive, eep! but i'm grateful we have them as proof! tee hee.

i'm proud of us. way to run up hills erori! way to push ourselves! woo woo!!!

i'm allll about you guys joining me on an 18 miler. tee hee. do it!!

Lori said...

ps, erin, totally ran a new trail this morning.... one that i would completely get us lost on. tee hee.

and i didn't have the heart to tell Sue Ann that her 5 miler was more like 4 and change. :(

looks like it'll just be me for the race in august. van can't get work off... so girls night!! woo woo!