Monday, June 8, 2009

Training for the Wasatch Back

Sooooo let me just tell you about my fun runs last week as I've been preparing for the Wasatch Back. Oh get excited. To train, they recommend that you do 2 runs in a 24 hour period twice. Well last week I realized that there was only 2 weeks left before the race and I'd better get hopping on that. So looking at my week I decided that the best time to do that would be Thursday. I usually run Thursday mornings, my evening was pretty open so I could run again Thursday night and then I usually run on Friday mornings as well. Perfect 3 runs in 24 hours. Doin' it.

Well I forgot to take one little thing into account. Soccer on Wednesday nights. Thursday morning came and I got up ready to run. As we got moving my body began to protest. I suddenly became very aware of all of the bumps and bruises from soccer the night before and my muscles felt like lead. Rickem rackem not stretching after soccer. Bad plan. So after a less than encouraging run, I focused my thoughts on a great run that evening. Thursday after work I quickly changed and hit the pavement again. My legs hurt, but no worse than in the morning. This time it was the heat that was the challenge...and the hills.

Even though I felt like I was running in slow motion, I did it, and didn't die along the way. Then came Friday morning. My desire to wake up was almost non-existent, but I knew that we had planned on a trail run and that at least sounded fun. My body now ached from head to toe. I was SO glad that Lori was there with me. I totally think I would have given up otherwise. Yay for running partners!
Moral of the story? No soccer the week of Ragnar. I don't need any other pains. 3 runs in 24 hours will do quite well thank you.


Lori said...

hey good job, friend. that was a tough 24 hours. way to go.

Operationkids said...

Hey Girls!

The Wasatch Back is almost here!

Be sure to stop by one of our Operation Kids booths at the start and finish.

Your team can be a “Ragnar Raiser” or a “Ragnar Life Changer”

Ragnar Raiser Status: For a $30 donation (or $360 donation as a team) you receive a “Best Buddies” wristband and you will sponsor 1 Best Buddies pair in the 2010 Best Buddies 5k Walk/Run.

Ragnar Life Changer Status: For $4,500 donation as a team, each member of the team receives a “Best Buddies” wristband, “Ragnar Life Changer Status” on your bib # and vans, and an iPOD shuffle –and you will sponsor 12 Best Buddies pairs in the 2010 Best Buddies 5k Walk/Run.

You can also make a $5 donation making you eligible to win some fabulous prizes that Operation Kids will be giving away at the finish line on June 20.

We’ll see you out there!

-Operation Kids

Erin said...

way to go! you guys will do awesome