Friday, November 27, 2009

Therapuetic Thanksgiving

Hey Ladies.

I hope your Turkey Runs went well.  For my Thanksgiving Run I decided to get as close to Utah as humanly possible here in Georgia.  How's that?  By running the only mountain around.  It felt so good to push up a mountain again.  Very different from our Utah mountains, I was running on pure granite, but I didn't care.

There were parts that got so steep I couldn't run, I had to power walk, it was kickin my butt.

But it was sooo worth being at the top.

I sat at the top and said a prayer of thanksgiving for you two, for my family, for my friends, for everything I've been blessed with.  And really, what top of the mountain run wouldn't be complete without a few tears?  Luckily there weren't any Asian tourists at the top this time to share in the moment with me. ha.   I was so lucky to have you as running partners.  I hope you two know the influence you had and continue to have in my life.  I missed you yesterday.  But I was so thankful for the opportunity to run, to sit on a mountain, and realize how much I've been blessed with.

The run down the mountain was entertaining.  I probably shouldn't have run down it.  A bunch of rocks?  Yah, probably not the best idea.  Don't worry I only fell once.  Heh heh.



Erin said...

You're a sweetheart I am grateful for you too. I treasure all our runs together and look forward to many more! Glad you only felt once going down that could have been bad :)

Amanda said...

First, you're my fave.
Second, I'm totally impressed that you didn't fall more than once! Maybe you're getting better. ;)
Thirdly, I'm IN LOVE with that pic of your running shoes and the scenery. Very cool.
Muah. Love you too friend!

A Fitness Minute with Pat Anderson said...

Nice post! Run strong and long.
Happy Holidays!