Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tres Amigas Prayer

We break this blog silence to ask for a special favor. Our third amiga, Erin, is extremely ill right now. They still aren't sure what's going on. She's been sick for quite awhile now but lately it's gone from bad to worse. She's currently in the hospital, again, fighting. Literally, there is nothing we can do for her right now but pray and hope her doctors can figure out what is destroying our friend. We're feeling antsy and want to DO something. This is where you, our fellow running community come into play. Erin can barely move right now, let alone walk or run....

Would you dedicate your long run this Saturday to Erin?
Would you just think of her, pray for her, send good vibes to her doctors and her body, or even just sprint 400 meters for her?

Running has been my friend, and has brought me some of the best friends a girl could ask for. It has taught me a lot about myself and about life. Running listens to me, and makes me move at a pace where I can listen to myself as well. When its just the two of us on a cold dark morning I know I can count on running to help me work out my thoughts. Oh how grateful I am for running in my world!
-Erin 2010

At this point that's all we can do - take it out on the streets and pound out the pavement, each step hopefully sending enough good will to help this thing turn around.


Amanda said...

You know I'm in. you're my fave erin girl. We love you.

Martha said...

Absolutely! I don't be doing a long run, but Erin will most definitely be in our prayers!

Chelsi said...

I don't run {shame} but ever since you first blogged about Erin a few months ago I've kept her and her doctors in my prayers. I will pray even more fervently for her and instead of running, how bout I put her name on the prayer roll? eh? eh? text me her last name.

Nana said...

Oh Lor Lor~
I am so sorry to hear every prayer will have Erin in it! Please keep us posted. You are such a dear friend and caring woman. I am so proud to be your mom! Man I wish I could give you a huge hug right now. I love you. Prayers and more prayers for Erin. Heart to heart~