Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two days down....

Monday I had a gut busting swim workout.

Today I had a decent 3 miler. 

Tomorrow I'm planning on riding the bike down to the gym, lifting, and riding back.  

I'm back ladies... I think.... I hope.... how have your first two days gone?


Kara said...

Well yesterday I got my work out at work if you count the 1/2 mile laps that we call security rounds, not that I walk them fast, I did 3 miles! Then today I got out of my funk to and did a mile on the eliptical and a mile on the treadmill! GO US!
*ps I noticed the countdown to the ogden race, will you still be here?

Erin said...

Welcome back friend I knew you wouldn't be gone for long :)

Ross said...

Well, I told myself that I would work out last night cause I wanted to nap during Anna's nap and then Ross came home and said he needed St. Patrick's day treats to take to work today. What is this? Elementary? So I was up until 11:30 last night making cookies instead. Although I did jog to the park and back pushing Anna.

Then I read this post earlier today and told myself I had to do my workout so I wasn't reporting total slackyness (a new word) and I just got a done. Phew! You are doing better than me. Way to go!

Ross said...

Blast! That was me (Megan) in case you might get worried that my husband is now randomly stalking your blog. LOL.