Saturday, February 28, 2009

Running Funk

Abbie & Jen, I'm sorry I haven't answered your questions yet.  There is a nice little post in my draft section half written.  It is my goal to have it posted tomorrow.  Sorry for the delay!

Let me tell you I'm in a weird running funk.  I've been having to focus so hard on getting my biking and swimming up to par for the triathlon that running has taken a SERIOUS hit.  I run maybe maybe twice a week.  For sure I get the long runs in on Saturday.  Good. For.  Me.   It's even sadder because that means Amanda and I aren't having these amazing runs together. Our run this morning was rather pathetic.  Neither Amanda nor I were able to push it, we were sore, tired, and just drained by mile 4.  We weren't our happy go lucky selves, we were just in a funk.  Yes, that it sad.  My impending move keeps hurtling after me faster than a rabbit on a treadmill.  (haha, not sure what that means, but I just typed it... so I'm keeping it) Which means our runs together will shortly be history. gulp. We can't afford to have silly funky funless runs... can we?  Weird to think that in 3 months this blog will be written from three different cities.  Yikes. Running is therapeutic and I miss my therapy.  Yes yes I do.  

I think that's why our blog has been in such a funk.  Erin isn't really exercising anymore, for good reason.  Amanda is struggling and I'm just not feeling the love from my workouts.  Hmmm.  New plan, eh?  I need some pick me up.  Not necessarily motivation..... just need something to make me remember why I love it so much, get me to enjoy the workouts, and leave this ugly funkitis in the background........... ideas?


Erin said...

Sad I know...

Kristin said...

My motivation is this: Severe uphill climb through Wasatch Mountain State Park. And I thank you for that. So, I am just giving you that happy reminder too. :-) Running funks are hard. You should go back and read some of your old posts about how much you love it and how much it means to you. I know you have inspired me to love it more, so maybe that would help remind you again why you love it.