Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yaaaah so ummm a 5k.

Pretty sure that was LEAST ready I've ever been for a 5k.  Except maybe my first 5k.  I've been really good at cycling and swimming because I know my running is solid.  Well, I thought my running was solid.  Uhhhhh no.  Those hills at the WRC 5k KILLLLED me.  My hams are still dying today.  Oh silly friends, we haven't been running like we should.  Manda has got to kick it into high gear if she's going to PR and I need to work on it if I'm not going to DIE at the triathlon OR the half marathon.  I feel like February is going to be our month, this week'll do it.  

Some highlights from Saturday:
  • having issues putting on my timing chip.. which resulted in a you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me response from amanda, to which she wished she'd have taken a picture.  apparently i woke up with stupid all over me.
  • sitting in the car while everyone else was warming up.  ohh looks like the race is starting, better go.
  • having amanda run the first 1/8 mile with her hands shoved in her armpits
  • getting to run with underwear man again.  and fake boobs lady.
  • loving running downhill.
  • loving the race starting and ending so quickly.
  • love love loving Erin coming up for a nice stroll around Ogden.  it was rockin'  awesome friend, i'm so glad you could come up.
  • our traditional winter time hot cocoa and chat.  good times. good times.
  • not being able to warm-up post race and taking a 45 minute hot bath.  mmmmmmm
  • being back in the racing world, whether or not I was prepared. 
Love it. Love running.  Can't wait to do the 10k!  

I see my Endocrinologist tomorrow, I'll let you know what she has to say.

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Erin said...

I loved your highlights! Thanks for taking a walk with me :)