Sunday, May 18, 2008

Everyone's path meets different feet

I have never been high before but pretty sure I was experiencing something to that effect by the end of the race- my body isn't use to pills of any kind and at mile 16 I was in so much pain I took that second Iburprofen, and then by mile 18 mountains began bouncing and my head was swirling. Somehow I was able to push through tell mile 24 with a time of 4:08...and then the last two miles took 49 minutes. It came clear to me, too much medicine, too much heat and not enough high mileage during training, caught up to me quickly. I find it amazing all 2,000 of us began running with different goals, and for different reasons. We each trained differently and met different challenges during our training. Everyone's feet hit the pavement in slightly different rhythms but we all fought the same course- and we all pulled through one way or another. The phrase, "Run and not be weary, walk and not faint.” Has literal added meaning to me, and is counsel I will be focusing on following better. And feel for each of use that is at a different point. The Ogden marathon covers such a beautiful landscape, I was glad to be apart of it for those exciting 26.2 miles. I was impressed as always by the people that stand along the sidelines to cheer us on. I hope that guy at the beginning who need headphone, found some. I enjoyed the friends I met along the way. Especially the girl I ran mile 5-11 with, before either one of us realized we had told our whole life stories to. I was however kind of bugged when the man passed me with a shirt that said, "If your reading this then I am not the last one." I was sure to bet him by the end! But most of all I enjoyed the two of you and your company, not only for the few short miles at the beginning but for all the runs, training or maintaining. I look up to each of you so much; you both are wonderful examples to me in so many ways. When I began running with you guys, I was just beginning the marriage thing- what examples you are of what a wife should be. You have listened to my problems, tolerated my weakness, and have assisted and helped me be a better person- thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be apart of your friendship. I don't think I have ever seen two girls be as close of friends as you two are, and am grateful for the portion each of you give me in that friendship. I am so happy and proud of both of you!

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Lori said...

Erin, I'm so proud of you. That must have been hard to run through a fog. :(

I'm personally grateful you joined our running group. :) I never thought someone could blend in with us as well as you have. The pleasure has been ours, my dear.


(so just move back to Ogden already? k? geeeeez)