Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Revised Race Schedule and accompanying pre-training schedule (wow, that's a long post title)

20-21st Wasatch Back Relay
12th - The Davy Foundation 5k (WSU, Ogden)
24th - Deseret News 10k (SLC)
9th - Provo River Half Marathon
23rd- PARK CITY MARATHON (or half, but I'm doing the marathon) (this was the Hobblecreek Half)
8th- Huntsville Half Marathon
13th- Ogden Valley Triathlon Relay
20th - TOU Marathon
3rd Zietgiest Half Marathon (wuahahahahahahaha)
20th Turkey Day ORMC 5 miler

This is the basic structure for the summer, what do you ladies think?

M-strength training (upper body)/ 20-30 minute bike
T- swimming
W- off/ XT
TH - 4 miler/tempo run/speed training
F- strength training (full-body)
S- alternative between long run/biking/swimming

Of course it'll change up the 2-3 weeks before each half marathon, the Saturday's will be focused on running ...cause...yaaah, you know. ;) I know you two probably won't want to do the Park City Marathon or TOU Marathon with me, so my training will change up as I get close to those.

If we're cool with the races I know some of them are filling up fast, so we might want to get registered.... Thoughts?


Amanda said...

So I'm all in for most of those races. I can only do the one on the 9th in August, and then I'll probably choose 2 in September. Other than that it looks awesome! I'm excited!

Lori said...

cool. yaaah, i haven't showed van my little race schedule yet. so.. he might squelch the two-more-marathons thing. but, i'm hoping if I plan a weekend in Park City, sans the children, that he might be uber supportive. ;) hee hee hee. FOR SURE I'm running the Relay, the 10k, Provo River Half (total GNO at Erin's PAAAARTAAY!), Ogden Tri Relay and TOU Marathon... the other stuff will be TBA upon Van's approval.

and ladies, get excited for the Zeitgiest (if we can convince our husbands and kids to come with us to Boise for a Friday night...) It will be FUN.

Lori said...

I say we get our registration in for the Provo River Half, Deseret News 10k and TOU Marathon soon. Shall I set a goal of June 1st?

Erin said...

Sounds like a plan, I for sure will run the provo half and we can have a fun party :) I will hold off on committing to anything in septemeber and on....

Erin said...

Lori! TOU and Park City your amazing! Too bad you didn't run the SLC and you could have gotten that "GRAND SLAM" thing...

Lori said...

well, after further consult with Van Jay, it looks like there is a BIG possibility we'll be camping in the Beaver Dams that weekend with his family, so Park City might have to be nixed. Ahhhh well.

Erin, I totally think you could still do a half, btw. Just maybe not in November.