Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Third Amiga Has Returned

Just to prove Lori wrong I am posting tonight. Yes, yes I am. ;) (Muah! Love you Lor!) Since Lor already posted all about our workout today, I just a few things to add.
1) I am SOOOOO glad to be home. I won't complain about not working out for a while after the marathon, but I felt so left out while I was gone. I kept getting the comments from the blog sent to my BB, but for some reason blogger hated my BB and didn't want to let me view or post anything on blogger. Saaaad. I cried myself to sleep every night. :`(

2) Erin, I totally feel the toe pain. Here is proof that running is not good for your feet eh?

It at least has stopped hurting, but I think it's going to take a bit to fall off.

3) Your body can indeed forget how to work out in just 2 weeks even after completing a marathon. My body is still wondering what I think I'm trying to do. ;) And lastly,

4) I MISSED YOU GUYS!!!! I'm so happy to be back!


Lori said...

hey, if it took trying to prove me be it! welcome back, friend! i'm so glad you're back too, I can start working out again. ;)

is that the same toenail you lost with O-towns marathon '06?

Erin said...

OK your toe wins...that looks like it kills!