Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lagging behind...with no good reason

BUT let me give you my excuses anyway- 1)I have been out of town and I'm not cool enough to have a BB 2) I lack creative writing skills 3)I am lame.... so with that said let me redeciate myself! I love this freakin blog it is a life saver it makes me accountable and I know every time I open it I am able to helps me stay in contact with you too...
Saturday I ran my six miles let me tell you its obvious I am not at sea level and it basically sucks how quickly running shape leaves you... I sucked! I was barely able to finish within a 10 minute mile and I totally walked for 30 seconds every mile, I had no get up and go..but I am totally looking forward to tomorrow morning.
I have realized I really need to do some spring cleaning with myself- so here are the area of my life that need so serious work and will be changing...
MY DIET: can we talk about how out of control it is. The next three days I will be keeping a food log to see really how bad it is- but I can tell you I NEED to get the sugar under control and obvious start eating fruits and veggies!
EXERCISE: I love running but I need to set some running goals and I am seriously going to put more effort into cross training between biking and rollerblading- so I will keep you updated as I come up with those changes...any suggestions please?
SPRITUALLY: I need to pick up the slack, my prayers need some serious work!Also I need to step up inforcing praying with Ty, and that family night thing, luckly I can be confident we are doing a good job going to the temple and paying tithing but pretty much every other area is simply a habit and lacking "cream filling"
FINANCIAL: basically we just need to stop wasting so much money...
PHYSICALLY I figure those things will fall into place as the diet, exercise, and spirtual stuff kick in,
And I am sure thats more than you ever needed to know...but I figure that type of "thinking out loud" chatter is what I would have worked through out loud with you two during a long run so there you have it! And now that I have said it all out loud I am hoping you two will set up some kind of a point system for me:)
I also just want to thank both of you- I think you both set a great example and have helped my become aware of how important it is to constantly be working to better yourself. As lame as it sounds I remember one time last year saying to tyson, "You know until I started running with Amanda and Lori I forgot (or didn't realize) I still need to be working on bettering myself and developing talents." I think ty just laughed and gave some smart response to my oblibion!


Lori said...

oooooo yesssssss!!!! you're giving us control? I. crave. control. ;)

well, well, my friend. i think it's time for a little healthy competition. yes yes. since the Manda part of Erandori is going to be a little solo from the competition for awhile (for reasons STILL not blogged about, ps.... baited breath become stale, friend. ;) then it shall be named the "Erori Competition" tee hee. I'm totally making you a spreadsheet tonight with your goals.

I'm struggling hard core with some things too, but really doing the Mandori's comp totally helped me get back into my habit of daily scripture study, prayer, etc. that has been HUGE in my life. so...yes... I say the competition starts June 23rd, what say you??

What do you want as your reward?

Erin said...

Let the games begin sista... you have the control I will fuel the fire

Lori said...