Friday, June 6, 2008

Long Run Schedule

Yes I know. I know. I should be doing laundry or cleaning, or paying bills... something more productive than this... however, this is semi-productive... here is the tenative long run schedule for the rest of the summer. I realize for many reasons we may not be able to run these together (or not at all..) but I figure if we stay on this plan we can successfuly complete the half's in August and September and I can tackle TOU.


14th 6 miles
21st 7 miles (Lori-wasatch back)
28th 6 miles

5th 8 miles
12th 10 miles (Lori might do the Echo Tri relay)
19th 6 miles (Lori 12 miles)
(24th Desert News 10k)
26th 8 miles (Lori 14 miles)

2nd 10 miles (Lori 16 miles)
9th Provo River Half Marathon
16th 6 miles (Lori 18 miles)
23rd 8 miles (Lori 20 miles)
30th 10 miles (Lori 20 miles)

6th Huntsville Half Marathon (Lori to run 4 miles after)
13th Ogden Valley Tri Relay
20th TOU Marathon (you two will be running around shouting my name. ;)
27th 6 miles

Look good? Do you think that's a decent workup for me to do the TOU?


Amanda said...

Looks great to me! I like the plan of us running around shouting your name at the TOU! Tee hee. Me, Erin and Max...

Lori said...

sneaky sneaky. except in leu of my name, it might be drool. :)

Erin said...

Looks great... I am proud of you! We will be there cheer you on at the TOU... I am excited for you the Max being there part :)

Lori said...

yes yes I especially like the Max part.