Friday, June 13, 2008

taking over...and apparently getting kidnapped

so it seems to me...... i'm taking over this blog. amanda, you're officially off the hook. erin, you're totally lagging behind, friend. unless you can cough up a better excuse than "i don't eat fruits or vegetables" you best start blogging again. ;)


i'm totally running the trails in the morning, SOLO, at 6:00. so, if you can't find me or get ahold of me after 9am, it means i've been stabbed or murdered or kidnapped... so please please send winston and wicket out to find me.


that's all. lori out.
(doesn't have the same ring to it that "secrest out" does, drat)[i bet neither of you read this til monday..and at my funeral people will say "if only they had checked tres amigas...."]


Erin said...

Can I just express the deep love I have for you...since I talked to you last night I am glad your alive...way to be brave

Lori said...

well, i'm grateful for that "deep love." truly... touched.... sniff sniff...

totally running them again in the morning, there is a SA-WEET house for sale on Marilyn that needs stalking, and what better way to get to Marilyn but the trails? So... same logic applies... if I go missing tomorrow, alert the pups.

Erin said...

SOunds good I will check in with you- I am running at 5:30 so it will be good for me to call know a buddy system