Saturday, June 28, 2008

Long Run? Check

Hey Ladies. Reagan is down for her morning nap, Jaylee and I are just chillin' downstairs watching "Flushed Away" so I thought I'd let you two know how my long run went this morning. What you say? You actually went on a long run, by yourself? Why, yes, friends, I did. :) I'm actually quite proud of my six miler this morning. I chose to do a nice loop through my favorite areas of Ogden. And...of course... go house hunting. :)

This is me. Proof that I went out this morning.

I found us ALL houses on Malan. Yes I did. You two seriously need to run this street with me, it's just a block east of Marilyn off of 28th. I A.DORE. these houses!!

This is Amanda's house:

Erin's house:

and my house.

and yes, there is a guy sitting on his front stoop reading the newspaper. I tried really hard to be sneaky in my picture taking abilites...but... pretty sure I was totally obvious.

Now all we have to do it convince the owners that a) they all want to sell b) they all want to sell at the SAME time and c) they want to sell these houses to three crazy ladies. Hmmmm. Do you think it's feasible?

It was a nice run. It started to get warm right about mile 5, just as I was ending...which I was grateful for. My only gripe? No matter HOW many times I run it?

THIS HILL. (taylor)

always kicks. my. butt.


Erin said...

I love our new homes... what would be wonderful to all live so close, and on such a beauthiful street!

Amanda said...

Oh I like those houses. They are perfect for all of us. Let's do it. in 10 years do we just start asking them if they would be so kind as to move?

Lori said...

well, see, this is what I was thinking. we could approach them NOW with intent to buy in... 10 years I suppose Mand? we could lock them into the contract NOW and just know that in 2018 we'll get to move onto cute Malan. :)

ready. set. attack!