Thursday, June 19, 2008

MY new friend

I met a great new friend yesterday her name was venus and she was a BIKE...I know close your running ears- Erin has a helmet! and she likes it! Dear friends, I pledge my loyalty to running- but please understand the other options I have discovered! Yesterday for Tyson's birthday we decided to rent bikes. We rode around our hood and half way around the lake going a total of 20 ONE HOUR AND THIRTY NINE MINUTES- this is why I love my new friend. We were able to see everything, but did I mention the 20 miles in 1:39....and I wasn't even sore! But to be honest with you the whole concept made me a little bitter because I know how hard it is to run 20 miles and to be able to bike it in 1:39 minutes wihtout being sore or working up to that milage was frustrating!

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Lori said...


I know, isn't it depressing that you can ride the same miles in such a short amount of time?

I'm sooo psyched you have a bike too, we are going to be sooooo toned by the end of the summer!!!! WOO WOO!!!