Wednesday, July 1, 2009

ATL Run, Numero Dos

First off, let me just tell you how EXCITED I am to have my little sister Ashley here for a few days. She's one of those mega-runners...ya know the kind that kick your trash at the local see them at the start and at the finish but during the race...ummmm?? Super duper fast, my little sis is. However, despite her speediness she likes to go running with me she calls them her "slow distance runs." whatevs. I'm all about the company!! She decided to come with me this week and explore ATL. It's amazing how much safer you feel with a running partner. I really need to get one of those, quick. Hmmm. Craigslist?

The run started off with Ash SUPER DUPER WAY excited about the fact that I drug her out of bed.... can't you tell? She was even more excited that her butt was going to be the prominent decor for all my running pictures today.
This run was much more enjoyable then the first run. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that my sister was with me, but I was also not as nervous and knew the streets a teeny bit better. We decided to skip off the main roads and check the neighborhoods out... I took lots of pictures of alll the many many many cute houses, get excited....

The run was gorgeous. I loved the neighborhood we ran through. It was only about a 45 minute run but I was grateful. It was super hot and I was suuuuper sweaty. One neat thing I've noticed on the runs is the amount of runners/walkers that are out. TONS. We passed many many runners this morning. I feel very safe here, which is a huge blessing. Everywhere we drove today I just kept remarking on how many cute houses there were and was writing street names down so I could remember to run different routes. (within 6 miles or so of my house...) Ashley said something that pretty much sums up how I feel about my direct surroundings:

"It's as pretty as Ogden, but it's like Ogden on EVERY. STREET. Not
just a section, everywhere you turn is OGDEN!"

Maybe that's why I like it so much.
Thanks for the run lil sis. I'm totally crying when she leaves Friday.

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Kristin said...

Those houses are so amazing!! I love exploring new places while I run. Now you get to do that every day--for a while anyway. :)