Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Can Do

Hey Ladies. After Manda's heartfelt post yesterday I had a good ole chat with myself. I have been pretty lackluster since moving to Georgia, a lot of having to do with what we all chatted about yesterday. The only thing I've consistently done is Bootcamp...once a week...far cry from my previous 6 days a week workout schedule. Last night I decided it was time to stop feeling sorry for myself because of these three things

1) As much as I want you to... neither of you will be moving to GA.
2) If I keep feeling sad about it, I'll never ever workout again.... and that's just no bueno.
3) I always feel better about myself and have a better attitude about life in general when I'm taking care of myself.

I made a goal to workout today for an hour and half no matter what. My alarm clock went off and I thought I hit the snooze button...nope... when I my babe started crying at 8:30 I grumbled (only slightly, cause sleep is divine) and told myself if I just put on workout clothes then I'd eventually workout. And you know what? I did.

I did a 30 minute DVD in my front room --with my girls. It was fun for them for the first 5 minutes and then it was a whole bunch of Jaylee saying "Moooooommmm how LONG is this?" and everytime I told her she could do it with me she'd stand up and say "I'm not old, I don't have to exercise!" Oh my silly kid. Reagan was all into working out. She was shaking her booty and laying down on the ground with me. When I started the ab portion, however, she decided it would be MORE fun to crawl ON my stomach and my head. Then Jaylee got into the mix and they were both jumping on my stomach (mind you, while I'm still doing abs). I got frustrated and didn't do the cool down section. I was still in my workout clothes and thought... okay... that was a half an hour... what now?

I strapped on my cycling shoes and went for a ride. I haven't been out since I messed up my hand in April. It was HARD but a very worthwhile workout. Because I had chosen to sleep in I was cycling about 11am... in the heat... I rode for about an hour. I came back dripping sweat, my muscles freaking, and my wrist throbbing but it felt SO GOOD to get out there again. So yay for me. I got up. I did my hour and a half of working out and I didn't cry. Alllll very good things.

Go Tres Amigas.

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